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A Calm Mind: How Mediation Reduces Our Tendency To Get Angry

Anger is often a reflection of our disagreement with either our circumstances, or opinion and behavior of others. It reflects our inability to connect with our larger real nature, which remains ‘complete’ without any need for a change, without an opinion or need for one, beyond good and evil, right and wrong, and is actually …

Pratique o desapego

A sociedade moderna se encontra em um estado de busca de prazeres e satisfação pessoal. Estamos diretamente condicionados a valorizar o que é novo, excitante ou romântico. Assim, criamos a sensação de apego. Agarramos a algo sem largar se é aquilo que gostamos, em contrapartida, descartamos e/ou desejamos ficar livres daquilo que nos incomoda.

Mindfulness and meditation workshops in Budapest, Hungary

In February Peace Revolution, represented by Peace Architect Manuela Puscas, went to beautiful Budapest for the first time. Over 120 people of amazing diversity joined the events, from fifth graders and students to university professors, hypnosis and Gestalt therapists, yoga teachers, economists and other professionals, trainers, social workers and local NGO members.