There are several ways how you can contribute to the Peace Blog:

Free policy

We welcome guest bloggers from all around the world willing to share stories of peace with our community. In order to become a guest blogger, you need to make sure that:

1) your story fits into our blogging areas: inner peace, peacebuilding, meditation, mindfulness, self-development, habit development, wellness, mental health, healthy lifestyle and others. Please see our blog categories for more insights.

2) your story does not contain any commercial links. If it does, please see the Paid policy.


Paid Policy

We welcome advertising on Peace Blog in a form of inserting do-follow links within the article. In order to do so:

1) Please provide us with the article that is rich in content and fits our blogging areas. 

2) Please consider the different donation options for each such link. Payment can be made via Paypal.

3 Months: $35
6 Months: $55
12 Months: $95
24 Months: $155
Permanent: $195

3) Please keep in mind that we would mention at the end of the article the following statement:

This is a collaborative post supporting our Peace In Peace Out initiative.


Due to a high number of requests that we receive, please be patient in hearing back from us and getting your article published on the Peace Blog.