Coaching: supporting others on their journey to self discovery

A peace coach is an agent of peace with a passion to serve others and guide them in their self development journey. Meet Agnija Kazuša, Gabriela Torres, and Samia Tamrin Ahmed who have been remarkable coaches with Peace Revolution for over a year now.

They share with us their motivation in coaching and the beauty of learning from people on a path to self development.



To Agnija, meditation comes in different forms and writing is one of them- when connected to a fellow soul on a journey of fulfillment. She says:

“Coaching is my meditation in writing; it is like waking up in lush green paddy field when provided with a fertile soil, a frequent sun and a regular watering, we all grow individually and together.”

Connecting to another person through the self development unleashes immense benefits for the coach and peace rebel.


Gabriela indicates here that;

“There is nothing more rewarding than supporting others to live a more peaceful, happier and balanced life and peace coaching is a wonderful way to do it. Every day It has positively enriched my personal life and professional career to be a better person and continue cultivating positive habits, virtues and inner peace”.

In addition, as you become a guide, you get the chance to find deep reflections from those around you.

Samia Tamrin Ahmed

According to Samia, ”

“Peace coaching gives me the platform to explore my potentials as mentor, guide and therapist. I am amazed at how a small effort from our side can motivate rebels so much. I am inspired by some of the rebels’ wise reflections. I really love coaching and always proud when my rebels are on Fellowship Winner lists!”

Ideally, the journey to self development may be uncertain, but sharing the moments of every single progress and setbacks makes it worth the while.

Are you a peace rebel? Do you have a Peace Coach? Comment below and we shall definitely match you with one shortly.

Agnija, Samia and Gabriela are Peace Coaches with Peace Revolution, they regularly practices meditation and write. Get to know her more through the links below:



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