3 simple ways to organize a peace gathering in your community

When life gives you lemons, you may choose to cry about its bitter taste or rather create lemonade! We may not know it but everyone faces unique challenges and as we go about our daily lives, we may want to create a change.We may complain of how busy we get and how preoccupied we can be with the ever growing demands of life. At one point, someone got a job or got married and many other life turns which seem to make us busier and more preoccupied in mind at actions. A peace gathering is like special family or a session where one gets to share techniques to achieve inner peace in their community. From simple to complex, we have outlined various ways to share peace messages and meditation to the people closest to you.You may complain of lack of time to hold a peace gathering in your community.



Here, is a list of various simple ways that you can create a community of peace in your neighborhood:

  1. Make meditation and peace sessions a family tradition

We may be busy all the time, yet still find time to enjoy a meal with friends and family. You can make a 30 minutes session to enjoy meditation and a group sharing before the meal. This can be as often as you want it, once a week or once a month or during every family meetings. You can always invite your friends and neighbors during this time to make it a growing space for development. This will surely strengthen your relationships, gives everyone a sense of belonging and ultimately guide you in finding your life purpose.

  1. After work or break-time session:

So you work, check. And you have a group of workmates, say five or ,more, check. And you normally have breaks or can coordinate a free time to share as a team? This is a great time to teach the team how to have inner peace. Every meeting by Mind Transformation Africa is introduced with a short meditation session called “Check-in.” During the checking, participants get the chance to relax and release all stress they have. The team becomes rejuvenated and often shares a lot. Whenever, heat in the room gets too much, the leader or any team mate would easily call for a one minute breathing session. Your team may not really adopt such a technique, but definitely start team gatherings after work or during break-times to share the beauty of inner peace.

  1. Or perhaps you are a student?

Classes are the best places to share an inner peace experience. Again, you may want to just introduce the class with a short session or rather request all class members to remain behind or come at a latter date for a one hour or so meditation session. Whichever way works for you, when you see people come to your session and smile afterwards, the joy you get inside is tremendous. Not everyone will come but those who come will surely benefit.

Whichever way you choose to share the beauty of inner peace with your community is up to you to decide. However, we don’t have to think of complex ways to do it, just start from what you know best and others will come along the way.

You may want to create your community today, Peace Revolution has various resources online to help you, from online video sessions that you can either stream online or download for your sessions. If you want to have a meditation trainer guide your session online, you can also contact us through info@peacerevolution.net with specifications of your community session.

How do you create a small community of inner peace practice in your area? Share with me by commenting below.



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