Mindfulness tips for travelers

It may seem difficult to keep up with your meditation and mindfulness practice while traveling, but actually, it is a great opportunity to challenge yourself while you are out of your daily routines and comfort zone. 

So, here are some tips which you may find useful while being on the road:

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Awareness of breath

No matter where you go and what you do, you are always breathing and it is a good reminder that you are present in this exact moment.  Awareness of the breath meditation is one of the basic ones, which aim is bring your attention to your breath. The goal is to acknowledge and accept your wandering thoughts, and just slowly return your attention back to the breathing over and over again. You can count inhales and exhales or focus on how your nose, chest and stomach move while you are breathing. This exercises you can do for a few minutes more times per day, while walking, before having a meal or going to sleep.

STOP practice

There are three main mindful anchors: sound, breath and body. They can always help us reconnect with ourselves and “return” to the present moment even for a few minutes per day. No matter where you find yourself during your travelings while being engaged in different activities with various people you can always do the STOP practice even for just few minutes per day. You can Stop (Pause), Take a breath and relax, Observe the present moment and ask yourself: What sounds do I notice? What is my breath like right now? How does my body feel right now?  and then Proceed with what you were doing.

Mindful walking

I guess you’ll be doing a lot of walking and visiting different places while you’re on a trip,so this practice can be easily included in your time schedule. This practice involves staying intent and focused on your steps. You don’t have to change the way you walk, just to be more aware of it. Be aware of all the different sensations in your feet as it touches the ground,become aware of your ankles,lower legs – your shins, your calves. You can be aware of the contact with your clothing, temperature on your skin, how relaxed or tense your body is. Some people say that sometimes even the counting of their steps can be relaxing for them.

By visiting new places and wandering in different directions try to notice which feelings are they awakening in you, which thoughts or memories are coming to you, just accept them as they are and return your attention back to whatever you are experiencing in this exact moment of your travelings and enjoy it. 🙂

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