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  • Meditando en mitad de una vorágine de desenfreno
    ¿Quién siente que tiene demasiado tiempo libre? ¿O que al día le sobran horas que no sabemos cómo rellenar? No son estas sensaciones habituales para nadie […]
  • Two Peace Agents joining forces in Spain
    On September 3rd, in a small town in the southern province of Cadiz in Spain — Alcala’ de los Gazulez — two Peace Agents — Zulema and […]
  • Launch of Pacific Peace Network
    On the occasion of International Day of Peace at 21 September 2016, a special event was organised by Peace Revolution, World Peace Initiative Foundation, Pacific Peace Network (PPN) and Aspire Network at […]
  • Peace Activism and the Local Movement
    As the global society grows more and more entangled in unsavory political, economic, and war-based national policies, the citizens of the world are finding it imperative […]
  • Civil March To Aleppo
    So it is happening. We are going to Aleppo. And we invite each and every one of you to join to walk in peace. All together. […]
  • Kick Consumerism, Give Peace
      The way North Americans celebrate the holidays has inspired scrutiny for decades now, ever since big retailers realized they could capitalize on the tradition of […]