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Nunca Conociste Forma más Curiosa de Adquirir Hábitos Saludables

A lo largo de nuestra vida vamos estableciendo hábitos casi de forma inconsciente, mediante la repetición de acciones. Los hay positivos y negativos, y generalmente sabemos diferenciar muy bien entre ellos. Sin embargo, fallamos en lograr establecer buenas costumbres y seguirlas, al mismo tiempo que parecemos encasillarnos demasiado fácilmente en perpetuar aquellas que son negativas. …

Morning Rituals To Start Your Day

Have you ever felt anxious in the morning? Have you woken up in a rush, and started hurrying from the very first minute of the day? How about changing your morning habits to allow yourself enjoy the mornings and feel grounded for the day to come? Welcome to morning rituals!

Mindfulness Meditation right at your fingertips!

  You want to meditate, yet not sure where to start? Thanks to technology, we have, now, several Apps and devices that bring you this precious practice right at your fingertips… your phone. Caption this: “We have apps that can offer you mindfulness practices, enable you to set a reminder to meditate, and actually record …

How to Overcome Anxiety in the Digital World

Technological advancements in the areas of communication have given us the ability to process colossal amounts of information in a short period of time. Smartphones and tablets ensure that you are constantly in touch with the world around you and your many social networks. Recently a hot topic of discussion has been the impact that …