Connecting East and West Through Meditation in Georgia

From Estonia to Kazakhstan, from Moldova to Armenia; from Ukraine to Tajikistan; 38 young people from 15 countries in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia come together to meet at the International Scout Center of Rustavi, Georgia and participate in the 3rd Peace Revolution  Bridge Fellowship taking place from March 16 to 19. Together they will learn about the culture of peace, tolerance and conflict prevention through the means of meditation and self-development.

The Fellowship in Rustavi will include a variety of activities, like meditation and yoga sessions, mindfulness practice, lectures and discussions providing participants with the skills for a non-violent resistance, peace education, enhanced creativity and stress-management. Participants will have a chance to explore meditation as a practice which can cultivate skills to deal with daily challenges within peace-building and youth work.

Participant Dāvis from Latvia is checking in. Photo from Peace Revolution archives.

Throughout the training program, participants will enjoy a retreat environment refraining from the use of internet, hurtful speech, luxurious lifestyle, as well as the use of intoxicants instead focusing on the self-development and the cultivation of inner peace.

The activities will be led by a Teaching Monk Venerable John Paramai Dhanissaro from Thailand, as well as certified meditation trainers Anna Oleshkevych and Kateryna Kulyk from Ukraine both representing World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI).

Teaching Monk LP John Paramai. Photo from Peace Revolution archives.

Bridge Fellowship takes place for the third time and welcomes participants from 15 countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan). Please see the video of previous fellowships.

Peace Revolution Meditation Tour “Peace In Peace Out” in Latvia

From cultural centres to medieval castles, from remote villages to vibrant cities, Peace Revolution for the first time will stop in Latvia to spread the mission of PIPO through a meditation tour Peace In Peace Out (Miers Tevī, Miers Apkārt) organized from December 1 to 11 with the Teaching Monk Luang Phi John Paramai from Thailand. The tour will gather around 500 people in all sessions together introducing them to a variety of topics, such as mindfulness, creativity, self-development and others, as well as allowing everyone to experience meditation.

The tour will start in Riga with a session Mind Your Mind at MANSARDS, the centre for the creative initiative and spiritual development. Then, the tour will move to the West part of Latvia – Zaļenieki Manor with a session about meditation and self-development, as well as Jaunpils Castle with a session about how to be here and now. On December 4, the tour will continue to Lielvārde with a morning session in the museum of Andrejs Pumpurs, and then to Ogre Cultural centre with a title session Peace In Peace Out. After visiting different parts of Latvia, the PIPO mission will be carried further to several venues in Riga, offering sessions about creativity (MANSARDS), daily discipline and achieving goals (ATMA centre), as well as loving kindness meditation (Goethe Instituteand finally PIPO Night at I-DEJAS MĀJA, the closing event organized as a candle light ceremony.

There will also be sessions offering an opportunity to learn more about the Monk’s Life and living in harmony with nature (Kaņepe Cultural Centre), as well as a session Google with Monk, where participants will be allowed to ask to the Teaching Monk any questions that they may have.

Luang Phi John will also give some private sessions, for instance, a session about improving concentration at Riga Jugla Secondary School, a session about mindfulness at BITE telecommunications company, as well as a session about creativity to the Tour Friend social community portal

Apart from exploring a certain topic, each session will offer an opportunity to learn about the basic Dhammakaya meditation and its techniques, to realize the importance of the inner peace, as well as experience a 30 minutes long guided meditation session.

No previous experience in meditation is required to participate in the sessions. Everyone is welcome to explore the art of meditation. The sessions are free of charge (or for donations to help us cover the tour expenses).

It is recommended to register for each session, which can be done by filling a registration form in Peace Revolution Latvia Events on Facebook. To register, once can also send an email to

Peace Revolution’s slogan Peace In, Peace Out (PIPO), stands for each individual’s choice to be the change that they want to see in the world. We believe that world peace is achievable if each individual works on developing his inner peace first. Hence, when improving our inner peace, we are contributing to a peaceful environment around us.

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To Be Happy Here and Now

New shining dress, new job promotion, vacations in Malaysia… Do you often catch yourself thinking that you need to achieve something, become someone or go somewhere to be happy? How about being happy here and now with something that you already have? Is it possible? Join us in the SEE Peace Summit in Tirana, Albania from December 15 to 18, and together with young leaders from all over Europe we will explore tools for self-sustaining happiness and personal development.

Many people are frustrated looking for lasting happiness and thinking that things such as abundance of possessions, co-dependent relationships and the acceptance of others will help them reach their goals. SEE Peace Summit wants to introduce meditation techniques as a new way of positively affecting individuals’ habits and transforming their life, thus refocusing all of our personal priorities from an outward search to an inward quest.

With personal development as one of the thematic areas, the summit will also explore sub-themes such as mindfulness, art and meditation, as well as stress management in order to better understand how to keep a peaceful mind while coping with daily life challenges; how to move towards one’s goals in a peaceful manner, not forgetting the gratitude and happiness for the present moment.

During the SEE Peace Summit, different speakers will be giving workshops to help discover various aspects on personal development. For instance, Vesna Laković, Mindfulness Trainer and Education Coordinator at Familylab Serbia will be leading workshops on how to embrace difficult emotions with mindfulness. Participants will learn to recognize, understand and accept their different emotions, especially the unpleasant ones. Meanwhile, Peace Educator Manuela Puscas will deliver a workshop on how to become aware of our inner conflicts and have practical tools that help in dealing with them.

Apart from trainers and speakers, the SEE Peace summit will feature two Thai Buddhist monks – Venerable John Paramai Dhanissaro and Venerable Pasura Dhantamano – who will not only guide meditation sessions and give lectures, but offer a unique opportunity to have a one-to-one or a group conversation in the Meditation Clinic.

The SEE Peace Summit is organized by the World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI), an international organization that promotes the culture of peace in the world through a practice of meditation and mindfulness. The summit aims to bring together young people from all over Europe, offering them a space to exchange experiences and create ideas for improving themselves and their communities back home.

Apply for the SEE Peace Summit here.

Empower Your Mind in the SEE Peace Summit

Did anyone tell you that you cannot sing? Cannot paint? Cannot start a business or lead a project? Wasn’t it sometimes your own critical voice saying that you lack certain skills and competences, that your idea is insane, and that you will definitely fail? Though each of us has felt discouraged in life, it is important to hear that other voice in you saying: you can! SEE Peace Summit organized in Tirana, Albania from December 15 to 18 will offer a platform for the European youth to become empowered, encouraged and motivated to venture for the dearest dreams.

Empowerment is one of the three thematic areas that will be tackled during the summit, and it will include three forms of empowerment: self-empowerment, youth empowerment, and women’s empowerment. Participants will have an opportunity to listen to inspiring speakers and hear the stories of how they had found strength and courage to achieve their dreams, as well as overcame the obstacles. Moreover, meditation will be introduced as a tool that empowers people to attain their peace of mind and find their inner strength. As our Teaching Monks say, it happens with the awareness of the power that one possesses inside, with letting go and living without expectations. Then, it leads to recognizing one’s environment, oneself, and one’s inner power.

The summit will offer a unique conference and retreat format which will include a variety of activities: yoga, workshops about health and benefits from professional trainers and Thai Buddhist Monks, meditation sessions, as well as a Meditation Clinic with an opportunity to have a one-to-one or a group conversation with a Thai Buddhist Monk.

The SEE Peace Summit is organized by the World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI), an international organization that promotes the culture of peace in the world through a practice of meditation and mindfulness. The summit aims to bring together young people from all over Europe, offering them a space to exchange experiences and create ideas for improving themselves and their communities back home.

Apply for the SEE Peace Summit here.


Begin Your Journey of Change in Tirana, Albania

Imagine waking up with yoga, participating in workshops about health and benefits, listening to motivational talks from inspiring speakers, conversing with Thai Buddhist monks and refreshing your mind in relaxing meditation sessions. Are you excited? Join these and other activities in the SEE Peace Summit in Tirana, Albania taking place from December 15 to 18 at the Hotel Continental, and begin your journey of a change. Continue reading “Begin Your Journey of Change in Tirana, Albania”

Get A Life Advice From A Thai Buddhist Monk

see-summit-2016-cfa-92Do you often struggle to overcome obstacles and problems in life? Wander how to let go pain and achieve your goals? Would like to know more about the mission of your life? How about asking these questions to a Thai Buddhist monk? From December 15 to 18, the Meditation Clinic will be organized as a part of the South East Europe (SEE) Peace Summit at the Continental Hotel in Tirana where two Bhuddist monks and meditation teachers from Thailand – Venerable John Paramai Dhanissaro and Venerable Pasura Dhantamano – will be offering private and group sessions to anyone who would like to get a fresh perspective on their life.

Both Teaching Monks have been leading meditation and mindfulness for self-development, personal growth and empowerment for more than ten years all around the world. During the Meditation Clinic – regarded as a “life changing” and “turning point” experience by many – the wise Buddhist monks will offer to discuss a vast range of questions: (1) meditation and self-development; (2) how to overcome obstacles and problems in life; (3) tools to discover your mission in life; (4) daily discipline and achieving goals; (5) how to manage your responsibilities and enjoy life; (6) how to let go of a problem; (7) how to be happy right here right now; (8) how to deal with pain; (9) if you practice meditation you can ask about your experience and get guidance; (10) how to remain peaceful in everyday life; (11) practice that you can do to improve your relationship with family and friends; (12) learn about Theravada Buddhist monk’s life; (13) or suggest your own topic/question to be discussed.

There are three different tickets to book a Meditation Clinic:
Individual meditation clinic (one-to-one with a monk: 30 min) – 100 EUR (50 EUR/person special offer only until 20th October, 80 EUR/person only until 1st November or buying participation tickets)

Group meditation clinic 3-5 people (30 min) 25 EUR/person (20 EUR only until 1st November or buying participation tickets)

Group meditation clinic 10 people (60 min) 15 EUR/person (12 EUR only until 1st November or buying participation tickets)

The Bhuddist monks speak English, however translation from Albanian is available upon request at no additional fee.

The monk doesn’t charge for his teachings and neither makes a profit. All the money paid for Meditation Clinic will go to cover expenses incurred from having a Buddhist teaching monk flying from Thailand to Albania and his stay here.

Venerable John Paramai Dhanissaro (Supadulchai), referred to as “Luang Phi John”, was born in Bangkok and received both his Bachelor and Master degrees in Computer Engineering from Chulalongkorn University and Asian Institute of Technology. In 2003 he then furthered his studies and completed his PhD in Telematics in Norway. During his PhD study, he became greatly inspired and developed much interest in meditation. In 2008 Luang Phi John decided to ordain as a Theravada Buddhist monk in Thailand, and was subsequently invited to join Peace Revolution project as a meditation instructor.

Venerable Pasura Dhantamano was born in Thailand and has over 25 years of meditation experience. He received a Master’s degree in International Relations and has conducted meditation workshops and retreats in countries all over the world. Phra Pasura Dantamano acts as the head teaching monk, lead advisor, and curriculum developer of the Peace Revolution project. He constantly travels throughout North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia to lead retreats, trainings, workshops, and presentations. He is also responsible for organizing, advising, location-scouting, hospitality management, & conducting various religious ceremonies and trainings – e.g. Novice Ordination Programs, ‘V-Star’ Youth Morality Development, ‘World Peace Ethics Contest’, Vesak Floating Lantern Ceremony – in various countries throughout Asia, Africa, & Europe. Throughout the calendar year, Phra Pasura Dantamano aids the WBSY with organization / coordination in event planning, development, networking, peace building and meditation teaching, as well as advising for its many functions and youth outreach projects.

SEE Peace Summit is organized by the World Peace Initiative Foundation, an international organization that promotes the culture of peace in the world. The aim of the Summit is to engage young open-minded leaders and support their growth as change makers to effectively contribute to the region’s sustainable and inclusive development.

The Summit will include engaging activities, meditation, yoga sessions, lectures and discussions providing the participants with new skills for non-violent resistance, peace education, enhanced creativity and stress-management. It is a unique combination of a meditation retreat and a conference, which will bring about a disruptive idea that world peace can be built through inner peace and self-development, confirming that individuals are responsible for and capable of making a change in their communities.

Meditation from Barcelona city to Galician villages

New car, expensive dress or vacation in Canarias? We often think that happiness comes from outside. How about looking inside to realize that we can be happy here and now? How about meditation? In order to share the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, from September 19 to October 1 Peace Revolution Spain organizes a tour where two certified meditation trainers – Alejandra Barbé Sevilla and Agnija Kazuša – will teach meditation and share their experiences about mindful living during sessions in different venues in Barcelona, Madrid, Asturias and Galicia. Continue reading “Meditation from Barcelona city to Galician villages”

How We Emptied the Mind to Fill it With Creativity

“Empty Your Mind to Fill it With Creativity” was a project that promoted self-development through meditation, mindfulness and creative writing. It brought together 25 young people from Italy, Latvia, Slovenia, Portugal and Spain for a week-long youth exchange in the beautiful Castrelo de Miño village and Ribadavia, Galicia (Spain) from August 1 to 9, 2016. Continue reading “How We Emptied the Mind to Fill it With Creativity”

A Magic Behind the Church

It was usually before or after the dinner when a group of people took a blue cushion each and, one by one, climbed up, in the direction of a church. They all gathered in the refreshing, green yard just behind the church in a search for the inner peace. That’s how I will remember our meditation group that we unofficially formed in the youth exchange Film for Inclusion in Topola, Serbia.

Continue reading “A Magic Behind the Church”