How Peru Going To Football World Cup Can Inspire You To Meditate

My generation did not see Peru in the World Cup. Last time Peru went was June 1982. I was exactly 20 days of birth when the Football World Cup began. Of course, I can´t remember it. But what I remember since being very little is the expression “I will do when Peru is going to Football World …

I Won´t Lose My Grasping – Note From Consciousness

Awareness of a cat

On staying sane in times of change. Part II. (part I here) If there is one thing in which different philosophies, worldviews, spiritual systems, and cosmologies coincide regarding reality is that change is the only certainty in this world. Impermanence – name it in eastern philosophies, change – in other places. However you understand this, …

8 Conflict Resolution Tips for Respectful Conversations

Two people talking.

The world we live in today can be overwhelmingly divisive. It can become difficult to have conversations about the things that are important to you when we encounter extremism, misinformation, or even just other people’s anger. Social issues, interpersonal differences, and politics have become more and more polarized in recent times, fuelled by factors like …

Morning Rituals To Start Your Day

Have you ever felt anxious in the morning? Have you woken up in a rush, and started hurrying from the very first minute of the day? How about changing your morning habits to allow yourself enjoy the mornings and feel grounded for the day to come? Welcome to morning rituals!