Lifestyle & Wellness

In this category, we write about activities that are related to healthy body and the mind. Some of the topics include healthy food, mindful eating, exercise, sports, yoga, dance and other activities in relation to healthy and mindful living.

Eating for a Healthful Old Age

At any age, a good and varied diet is a prerequisite for health. As people become older they may be less active and need fewer calories but their basic vitamin, mineral and protein requirements do not diminish with age.

Self-Care over Social Work – Why it is Important to Put our Well-being First.

Being involved in social change is a very rewarding job. Having the ability to help others in their times of need not only makes a difference in their lives but can make a tremendous difference in our own. However, social work and social justice can be extremely taxing on our mental health over time. The stress …

How to battle Emotional Eating

Many of us turn to food for comfort when we are stressed, angry or sad. Sometimes food also serves as a way to kill boredom. Eating food due to emotional reasons instead of eating food to cope with physical hunger is what we call emotional eating. Emotional eating is a problem that cannot be ignored.

3 simple ways to organize a peace gathering in your community

When life gives you lemons, you may choose to cry about its bitter taste or rather create lemonade! We may not know it but everyone faces unique challenges and as we go about our daily lives, we may want to create a change.We may complain of how busy we get and how preoccupied we can …

The Power of Letting Go!

There is a great power in letting go that most people aren’t aware of, we tend to think of it as losing  because we were made to believe that our worth is measured by how much is in our pockets , closets and houses.

Making Peace with Your Inner Self

Ever wonder what will it be like to achieve Nirvana? That is the state of being achieving true oneness within – to free yourself from desire, suffering and the sense of self. It can really be challenging as we cannot deny the fact that we live in a materialistic world.