Habits to boost your brain activity and performance

Focus, productivity, and success are what keep ourselves motivated and can boost our brain activity and performance. Anyone can develop excellency, and there are things you can practice to awaken your inner genius. Here is what you can do to keep your brain active, sharp and positive:

1) Upon waking up, remember your dreams. A person spends a lot of time dealing with mundane tasks, solving problems, communicating. So when we go to sleep, the brain often does not stop and continues working. We come up with the insight and the solutions we’ve been looking for, yet upon waking up most people don’t remember their dreams. Did you know that a quality sleep helps remember the dreams? You can also boost your dream recollection by setting an intention to wake up with an increased clarity and by keeping a dream journal.

2) Make the bed right after waking up. A clean environment is important for the levels of mental clarity. Also, it’s a simple way to start a day with the feeling that you’ve accomplished something – you’ve made the bed. When you come home, at least one spot is neat and organised. Hence, how you do the small things predicts how you do everything else. You can train the brain in terms of personal discipline which will lead you to building drive and motivation for excellency.

3) Drink water. What goes on in the brain is directly related to the levels of physical health and well-being. The body is 90% water and it’s essential for the brain to be hydrated all the time. When your brain is functioning on a full reserve of water, you will be able to think faster, be more focused, and experience greater clarity and creativity. Water is essential for delivering nutrients to the brain and for removing toxins.

4) Do things differently. People are either right-handed or left-handed. Also, the brain has different functions associated with different abilities and characteristics. Changing something, for example, learning to write with your left hand if you are right-handed creates new neuro-connections, new pathways in our brain. We can train the brain, use more of the abilities we have, come up with faster reactions and solutions to further explore our potential and this will bring new levels of personal satisfaction and success.

5) Deep breathing exercises. This activity gives you the chance to relax, slow down, and get rid of mental pressure and fatigue. It also strengthens the brain and increases the attention span. The breath can be used to master the attention through breathing observation and mindfulness practice. It can also slow down the thinking and get into a calm state of mind.

6) Planning. Make sure you manage your time and energy properly. Don’t wait till your mind feels overwhelmed, get clear on your goals and set boundaries. We can divide everything into things that are: Important and urgent; Important and not urgent; Not important but urgent, and Not important and not urgent things to do.

7) Reading.  Dedicate at least 30 minutes per day to reading the old fashioned way, where you allocate complete and undivided focus to a single activity. The average person reads 1-2 books per year while the successful game changer CEO’s read 4 to 6 books per month. Don’t skim through the headlines, cultivate the pleasure of mastering attention, and acquiring and applying the new knowledge.

You create your habits, and they come to determine your life and success.

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Photo credits: Stephen Leonardi @unsplash

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