4 Tips for Keeping a Daily Routine and Staying Motivated in Self-Isolation

Maintaining some form of a daily routine when in the house every day can be difficult, but don’t let this stop you. If you are struggling during this time, here are four tips to help you keep a daily routine and stay motivated whilst in self-isolation.

1. Exercise

The best thing you can do during this time is make positive changes to your daily exercise routine. Being in the house doesn’t mean you can’t exercise and if you haven’t before, now is a better time than any to put time aside to exercise. Not only does this provide a daily routine, but it also improves mood and your overall health will improve. You can order exercise equipment online or make do with nothing. There are so many exercise apps that can be downloaded straight to your cell phone that show you how to exercise at home and many fitness celebs are getting behind the exercise at home trend. If you are always telling yourself you will get around to exercising, now there is no excuse.

2. Eating Well

Take this time to improve your cooking skills and cook those recipes you keep seeing on your social media feeds. Be sure to stock up on healthy foods and resist the urge to splurge on take-outs. Whilst having a take-out with your household is a great way to get back to normality, it is all too easy to rely on them. Purchase plenty of proteins, fruit, and vegetables to get you through self-isolation. You can find frozen options to ensure you have enough nutrients to keep you going.

3. Self-Care

Self-care is so important and what better way to begin self-care than now, when you are going to be spending a lot of time on your own. The ability to happily spend time alone is an important trait to have and this begins with self-care and self-realization. There are many ways you can practice self-care, including:

  • Meditation – try downloading a cell phone app that can walk you through the process. Meditation can help us come to terms with the demons in our heads and find a way to connect back to what really matters in life.
  • Journaling – start keeping a journal of your thoughts and feelings; be sure to add what you feel grateful for every day. This will help you take more pleasure from the little things in life and on down days, revisiting your journal can bring happiness.
  • Treating ourselves – especially in times of self-isolation, finding a way to treat ourselves is important. It is okay to be selfish with our cash once in a while. If you are into diving, you may have always wanted a diving watch. They look great even if you aren’t using them for diving, so you can still make use of it whilst in self-isolation.
  • Getting dressed – this sounds like something so simple but still get dressed from your pajamas each day. Sitting around in the same clothes every day won’t do anything for your mental well-being.

4. Keeping in Contact

Whilst in self-isolation, keep in close contact with your friends and family. Download Skype or use Facetime to make group video calls with those who matter most. This will provide some normality to your life and it is important to speak to your loved ones daily. A popular cell phone app emerging during self-isolation is Houseparty, which allows you to connect with friends and play games.

Self-isolation is an intimidating time for many but instead of allowing yourself to be drawn into the fear of self-isolating, look at this as a positive way to make some long-lasting changes to your life.

This is a collaborative post supporting our Peace In Peace Out initiative.


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