In this category, we focus on exploring personal self-development, for instance, how meditation helps us discover our habits, make changes in life, become a better person in the local community and understand oneself better through extending meditation practice into personal life journey.

Les premiers pas vers la paix..

La paix ! Un sentiment tant convoité, il nous parait parfois si loin qu’on le croit inatteignable sur terre, qu’on le croit éphémère,  parce qu’on le cherche partout sauf au bon endroit ! Nous même.

5 Celebrities That Meditate!

Beyond spotlights and their casual audiences, many celebrities are also known of practicing meditation. Here is a list of 5 celebrities who meditate frequently. Incredible!

La revolución de paz se cimienta en cada uno

Las técnicas meditativas orientales cautivan por igual tanto a científicos, neurólogos y psiquiatras; niños, jóvenes y adultos; ateos y teístas. La vista buena de la ciencia hacia la meditación que está redefiniendo el estilo de vida occidental. En argentina existe una ONG internacional que se encarga de difundir gratuitamente los conocimientos sobre meditación, organizar retiros …

Can We Be Kind If We Are Not Being Self-compassionate?

There is one simple exercise which I like to do on workshops: I ask participants to write kind wishes for themselves and others from the group. In most of the cases what usually happens is that people forget to write wishes for themselves, or they “leave them behind”, until the end of exercise and then …