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Teach mindfulness and meditation alongside your regular transformation work with us!

Mindfulness meditation is increasingly becoming a powerful tool to bring awareness to the ever present peace that lies within us. Several people have gone to the East to learn these ancient tools and bring them home, to the west, and now, even African countries. Organizations and firms are beginning to recognize the salient fact that …

Close all the tabs! Now!


Simple as it is, how easy is it for you to close all the tabs on your browser? Do you normally open ten articles to read later, and five more tabs relevant to work that you are not using? Welcome to the club of stressed time wasters who try to position themselves as workaholics. 

How to battle Emotional Eating

Many of us turn to food for comfort when we are stressed, angry or sad. Sometimes food also serves as a way to kill boredom. Eating food due to emotional reasons instead of eating food to cope with physical hunger is what we call emotional eating. Emotional eating is a problem that cannot be ignored.