3 simple ways to organize a peace gathering in your community

When life gives you lemons, you may choose to cry about its bitter taste or rather create lemonade! We may not know it but everyone faces unique challenges and as we go about our daily lives, we may want to create a change.We may complain of how busy we get and how preoccupied we can be with the ever growing demands of life. At one point, someone got a job or got married and many other life turns which seem to make us busier and more preoccupied in mind at actions. A peace gathering is like special family or a session where one gets to share techniques to achieve inner peace in their community. From simple to complex, we have outlined various ways to share peace messages and meditation to the people closest to you.You may complain of lack of time to hold a peace gathering in your community. Continue reading “3 simple ways to organize a peace gathering in your community”

Community theater and peace dialogue

Cambodia has experienced long lasting devastating civil war, especially, the terrible blow of genocide during the Khmer rouge regime, 1975-1979. Thus, Youth For Peace Organization (YFP) have designed a project to bring a play called “The courageous turtle” to show to Cambodian youth in different high schools. This is an attempt to  raise the awareness about the past conflict and educate the young people on morality, solidarity and peace.

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