Mindfulness Meditation right at your fingertips!


You want to meditate, yet not sure where to start? Thanks to technology, we have, now, several Apps and devices that bring you this precious practice right at your fingertips… your phone. Caption this:

“We have apps that can offer you mindfulness practices, enable you to set a reminder to meditate, and actually record your entries in a journal fashion, perhaps within a community as well!”

What are some of the Apps and devices in the market so far?

Get out your phones and let’s go surfing Android market or iOS App Store, Now!


A few things to consider before settling on any App:

  1. Does it have an easy to use interface that you can easily navigate?
  2. Is it practical and easy to use anywhere, anytime?
  3. Does it have an inbuilt mindfulness reminder
  4. Is it simple and easy to use?
  5. Is it free to use or do you pay some cost? This consideration may come to your mind when you are on a budget or not

Most times, honest reviews from the past or current users will give you this information!

a) Mindfulness Reminder 

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices and cost about USD 2.99.

The interval reminders could be very useful to you if you are the kind of person who prefers spontaneity in meditation. The reminders could also be a distraction to those who prefer to have their phones on silent mode and away from distractions. It’s preferable to have specific tones that differentiate the reminders from other notifications.

b) Fitbit

This is a wearable device that is purchased and worn on the wrists. It has a unique way of connecting to your heartbeat and creating about 8 reminders in a day to come back to meditation. Has other health functionalities and actually looks very cool to have. The cost is perhaps between USD 90 to USD160. You can actually use this on any activity you intend to receive a reminder about!


c) Enlighten Me APP

Quite recently, World Peace Initiative through its Peace Revolution project released an Enlighten Me App too!



The App is available on App Store and Android and is literally free! The App integrates meditation into daily mindfulness sessions that anyone can engage in at any time.


Bottom line,

There are several Apps on mindfulness and meditation. Our attempt here is to share with you a few that really wowed me as I looked for them. My list of three also displays various types of Apps and devices that one may use based on what works best for them. I leave it to you to take this moment and get an App or a device that shall work best for you to get into a mindfulness routine. Having settled on one, enjoy your sessions and always remember;

I love you and wish you the very best in whatever you do to transform yourself!


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