Ask anything…

Nothing is stupid, by asking anything…

we are all winners

Believe in yourself

never give up

always tell the truth, even when we are afraid.

If you sad, angry…inside, tell the truth how

you feel, or you can always write it down.

Remember only the truth will set yu free.

Never doubt your abilities

Try to face your fears…

Value yourself and others, meaning never lose

yourself, respect and respect for others.

Ask yourself, how would you feel, if someone bullied you…you?

Brag about what you achieve, regarding

anything (Remember I told you, we are all winners,

… no losers)

Have fun.

If you don’t like what your friend (s) are

doing or saying, don’t do it… don’t feel

bad… you’ve got your own power…

and the best part, by doing all that, your friend (s), sister (s), brother (s) will

look up to you, as a Hero

I believe in you

By Miss Sain

Cape Town-South Africa


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