Steps to Get The Most Out of Peace Revolution Self Development Program

Hey there,

You probably know about the Peace Revolution’s self-development program which outlines a 42 days guide to reconnect with yourself using meditation tools. When I reflect on why one would dedicate 42 days of their time to complete a self-development program, why I did it in the first place comes to my mind. Back in 2012, I came across the Peace Revolution website through a friend from Nigeria, Toyin. I cannot remember really what discussion we had before getting the link, yet, I know that I had an unyielding belief that the world is really a bad place and bad things happen and there is nothing anyone can do about it! So, my first task through the self-development program was to reconnect with myself; a feat I obviously failed, considering, I could not even get 30 minutes every day to calm my mind. I stopped at day 3!

The year 2013 came with an offer, from Toyin once again, sending me a reminder to apply for a regional fellowship for East Africans happening in Kenya. I had previously traveled to Taiwan and South Korea and I loved the feeling of travel and meeting new people. That was motivation enough to get to day 14, the minimum requirement to get to the East Africa fellowship then. After attending that 3 days fellowship, the peace of mind, the warmth gave me a chance to put all my energy to completing the 42 days. In fact, within no time, I completed the program and qualified for another fellowship, this time, in Thailand.

So, what exactly did it take me to start and complete the program?

My friend Timothy put together a step by step guideline that I find very informative:

Step 1: Sign up or log into your account at Peace Revolution. The “Log in” button can be accessed on the top left corner of the homepage.

The self-development program takes 42 days. I would gladly advise anyone to be consistent every day of the program to get a better outcome they desire. Oftentimes, when a fellowship is the driving force for anyone doing a self-development program, it’s recommended that if you completed the program more than 6 months before the fellowship eligibility deadline, you restart the program.

Step 2: Start from Day 1 and keep one day at a time…

Each day you come to the platform, remember you can always access it from the homepage and proceed directly to your day of progress.

From the homepage…

SDP top interface…

What do you expect through the program?

The program in itself is a platform for growth and self-reflection; for one looking within for insights to inner peace, calmness in order to live in harmony with others in the world. Therefore…

  1. Listen and meditate to the guided Mp3 or video stream
  2. Answer the first question based on your meditation experience after step 1
  3. Pull the IPT scale to show your overall state of wellbeing after the meditation practice
  4. Fill the time used to meditate to track your progress
  5. Mark the 5 acts of self-discipline based on your conscience
  6. The rest of the questions are really opinion based and meant to give you a chance to observe yourself and reflect on different topics related to your life.
  7. Finally you can press the “Submit” button.
  8. Come back the next day and check on your coach’s feedback before proceeding to day 2.

Goodness! No internet today! What can I do?

Perhaps you are traveling or away from the internet and cannot record your entries online as you would prefer it. Good news, the program allows you to backdate your entries up to 2 days!

It is advisable to have a journal document that you use to record your daily meditation entries and insights to update online when you get back to some internet.

What do you do when you come back online after 2 days?

Let us imagine that I plan to travel from 1st October 2017 with limited internet connectivity. The first step would be to download the mp3 voice meditation clips from the self-development programs available underneath every day of the SDP.


I will continue meditation on my own, offline and record my entries in a journal for a period of 2 days before saving all the days online. Therefore, when I come back on 3rd October, I should be able to backdate the SDP dates to 1st, and 2nd October before updating my entries of the current day 3rd October. Of course, its much recommended to be consistent through the program to gain more benefits, and this approach works only with missed days.

As I progressed through the self-development through to day 20, I recall the insights I collected on self-control, the essence of cultivating positive thoughts inward and outwardly, de-cluttering the mind, showing respect to myself and others around me. At some point, I was challenged to put much of what I had learnt into practice… organize a special ops.

Special ops..?

Reading through the 2 words, I did not see what exactly it means to have a special ops then; yet at some point, the realization that we get to give blew my mind off. Remember this quote?

The meaning of life is to find my gift. The purpose of life is to give it away – Pablo Picasso –

You have been practicing meditation for sometimes now, how about we share this opportunity with others in our community? When I first heard of this, I looked at the various options I had within my disposal.

From an online activity via Skype with a PR certified meditation guide from across the world to an offline meditation via a recorded PR meditation video, downloadable from the website or from a local Peace architect. An alternative activity is a live session guided directly a PR certified meditation trainer within your city.

Peace Architect Dora guiding a meditation session in Indonesia on “Meditation and Art”

One of the things I cherish from the self-development program is the support I got from the peace coaches who walked with me. I still remember the insights from Ilse and the support from Marcie, who ensured that I got the maximum connection with myself. Do you want to sit still with yourself, for a moment longer to connect with yourself?

You can sign up here and start your self-development program today!

If you have completed the self-development program, share what you learnt from the 42 days and who your peace coach was.


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