Love Begins Within You

Love begins within you

When I was a teenager I had a friend that wouldn’t take much care of herself. Eating properly or doing exercise weren’t part of her daily practice. Instead, she used to have unhealthy habits like smoking a lot. However, she was always taking very much care of her aspect. Looking great was an important thing that made her feel good.

She was only in her early twenties when she suffered a stroke. It wasn’t anything too serious that could have caused lifelong consequences, but it definitely meant a turning point for her. She realized that making efforts to look good shouldn’t be more important than taking care of herself in the first place.

Love Begins Within You
Love Begins Within You

That experience taught me how important it was to look after my health and I understood that doing it meant making a commitment to love myself. I started eating healthy food and practicing sport, and the goodness that these habits brought to my life made me feel so good.

Then, I started meditating, convinced that it would be a good complement to help me love myself better, and I proved myself right. Meditation has helped me to develop my inner self, bringing peace and joy to my life. But above all, it has helped me be more aware of the importance of loving myself as a starting point to improve my life. Now I know what’s good for me and this improvement has shed positive vibes to my surroundings, including my relationships.

That’s what Peace Revolution’s slogan, Peace In Peace Out, stands for. We contribute to world peace if we are able to develop our own inner peace first. But wanting to develop our inner peace has to be a conscious decision that comes from the motivation of loving ourselves.

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