Teach mindfulness and meditation alongside your regular transformation work with us!

Mindfulness meditation is increasingly becoming a powerful tool to bring awareness to the ever present peace that lies within us. Several people have gone to the East to learn these ancient tools and bring them home, to the west, and now, even African countries. Organizations and firms are beginning to recognize the salient fact that peace-building can never be left only to select organizations. In fact, companies are banking their return on investments on the wellness of their most critical resource, the human mind.

Peace ambassadors sharing light moments in an inner peace training session

World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI) has moved in to bridge the gap and provide training to people passionate about peace-building and interested to share these ancient practices within their organizations and families. Of importance is the growing need of people to start sharing tools to cultivate inner peace in their own cultures, languages and contexts.

In a recent exclusive interview with the Peace Architect manager at WPI, we uncovered the history and gem behind becoming a peace architect; and how you too can become a partner in peace, to transform your organization; part-time or full-time; with proven benefits to your health, and wellness.

Take 10 with Kuldeep Singh

Q1: Welcome… and thank you for taking your time to show up for this interview. Tell us your name and where you come from.

My name is Kuldeep Singh from India and currently working with World Peace Initiative Foundation since (2010). Before that, I used to work with a government agency in India.

Q 2: Interesting indeed! Share with us your WPI journey…how did you start?

(In a reflective tone) After completing my first 42 days, I attended GPM 6, way back in 2010 with almost none international crew at that moment. Then, WPI was a small organization with one Peace Revolution Project as a flagship program of WPI. I was moved by the desire to spread peace with others, peace builders in action starting with myself.  I began to volunteer with the Peace Revolution Project for a year. Then, there were no structure or any form of organization.

We developed a structured platform to enable qualified young peace-builders to join us as a Peace Coach and offer quality and a support system for others undertaking the self-development program online. My biggest encouragement was the ability to help people and see them smile from the work we do.

Q3: Wow! So, how did the first Peace Architect come about?

The first architect was a small group of 10-15 people who supported the Peace Revolution work in their regions and were invited to come back and share in the bloom of the personal transformation somewhere back in 2012.

Then, an idea to form an international team of committed peace builders came to realization and I felt the need to join the team. Wonderful people came in from across the world with a passion to contribute… to the beautiful journey they had started. Everyone did something in their own country in the form of PIPOs (Peace In, Peace Out Seminars). By end of 2013, we had experienced a quick growth in the Peace Architect program, with several structures coming up.

Q4: What are some of the highlights in starting and growing the Peace Architect Program to what it has become today?

First, we felt that our teaching monks were not enough and we needed more people in their local languages who understand the context and could share inner peace tools with their communities. Of course, this came with a challenge to maintain the quality of service; yet, we realized that real society experiences which are a very important element in teaching were a big boost too.

Q5: Such a tremendous decision to make peace-building contextual, where are you now, based on the current projections regarding The Peace Architect Program?

Peace Architects preparing to guide meditation on International Day of peace in their own country and Language, on FB Live

We are holding the 6th training in December 2017 with over 50 people diverse from different countries and continents! Currently, we have close to 100 people becoming peace architect across the world and forming meditation communities to share the inner peace wisdom with their friends, families and community members.

From diversity, there is a common connection in the thirst for peace…and real life transformation! Peace architects are leading several aspects of the summits and training in over 100 countries! Local languages and cultures included.

Q7: Incredible! For people reading this right now and wondering how to join the program, what criteria do you use to become a Peace Architect?

Our first and basic qualification for anyone wishing to become a peace architect is to be passionate about sharing the concept of inner peace.

This person must have attended one of our international fellowships called Global Peace on the Move or Amani.

Afterwards, they are invited to qualify to be peace coach guiding other peace enthusiasts, we call, peace rebels, to complete the 42 days Self Development Program, before they can express their interest to become an architect of peace.

On the other hand,

In the coming years, we have also opened a platform where our partners or anyone interested in guiding meditation and inner peace activities (who haven’t attended our international training) can join and become a peace architect with us after meeting a few requirements that we set.

Q8: So, I understand that one also qualifies for an interview after meeting the requirements set?

Yes! After meeting above requirements, one is called for an online interview to determine their ability and skills to teach and train others on any peace related topics.

The beautiful thing is, our peace architects come from different language groups, professions and careers. For example, this December, we have over 50 nationalities, major speaking languages, professionals and trainers, university professors and major influencers joining to learn the art of facilitating mindfulness meditation spaces.

Q9: After the training, we understand that one gets a certificate, what benefit does the certificate hold to the trainer?

After the training, a trainer has the ability to guide meditation and mindfulness programs in various places. In a world that needs quality and some kind of authentication, the certificate gives one the confidence to organize training with proof that it is affiliated to our organization. The certified trainer can also represent the organization in major training and professional spaces where we are involved.

The certificate is valid for 1 year and is often renewable after taking an online refresher test.

A peace architect, Nesreen, left, after a successful meditation session at the UN

In the community…

We got curious to find out what it looks like; life after becoming a Peace Architect. Watch out for the next episode with real life stories of Peace Architects engagement in the community.

Are you the next Peace Architect of your community? Contact Kuldeep Singh (kuldeep@wpifoundation.org) to get full information of the upcoming training in June 2018!)

Peace Revolution Brings Peace To Eastern Partnership Youth Forum

“Each of you are a factor and actor to make a change,” says Martine Reicherts, Director-General for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport at the European Commission, quoting Dalai Lama on her opening speech on the 3rd Eastern Partnership Youth Forum in Warsaw, Poland. The Forum gathered about 300 participants, including youth leaders, youth workers and youth policy makers from both Eastern Partnership and 33 European countries from June 22 to 23.

The speech of Martine Reicherts was perceived as probably the most emotional and motivational one, noticing her sincerity especially when encouraging young people to put their heart in what they are doing, in building their own future. “Because we failed. We used brain, and we forgot about the heart,” she is honest.

Eastern Partnership is a joint policy initiative launched in 2009 to deepen relations between the European Union and the six Eastern neighbours: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. Hence, the Forum (first one organized in Lithuania in 2013 and the second one in Latvia in 2015) is a platform for many organizations to come together, share experience and exchange contacts for cooperation.

This year the Forum focused on discussing participation and active citizenship of young people and their involvement in decision making process. This is also what the Commissioner Martine Reicherts added to her speech. “Politics is not about sitting at a table; it’s about having a conversation together, sharing knowledge and experience.”

World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI) and Peace Revolution project were represented in the Forum by Agnija Kazuša, who is Communication Manager for Europe and comes from Latvia. Hence, the Forum gave a space for the Peace Revolution project to present its most recent opportunities, like SEE Peace Fellowship that is open for youth workers and youth activists from South East Europe to come together in Fruška Gora, Serbia and learn meditation and mindfulness as tools for peace-building that can be used in youth work and better decision making.

Agnija Kazuša is representing World Peace Initiative (WPI) and Peace Revolution project a Eastern Partnership Youth Forum in Warsaw, Poland.
People are interested in Peace Revolution project during Open Space where organizations could present themselves.

Apart from presenting new opportunities and spreading the PIPO mission through conversations about peace, benefits of meditation, mindful living, law of attraction and other topics, it was also a space to connect with people who had cooperated with Peace Revolution already before, like Giorgi Kikalishvili from youth association DRONI that hosted a workshop about meditation and creativity in March 2017. This served as a great occasion to continue cooperating with DRONI. We also established new contacts with Peace Corps Armenia, as well as other organizations in Armenia which will allow to spread the PIPO mission in Caucasus countries and foster Eastern Partnership in the field of peace-building.

During the workshop “Connected Recognition” with Giorgi from DRONI youth organization.

Participants had opportunity to discuss more concrete action plans in thematic workshops about active participation, responsible citizenship, social entrepreneurship, formal and non-formal education and others. In the workshop “Connected Recognition” where different ideas were gathered on how to recognize non-formal education and youth work, also meditation and mindfulness were proposed as tools for personal and societal development.

No matter which country, culture, background or organization we people from, the Eastern Partnership is based on shared values of fundamental freedoms, democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law, as well as shared commitment to market economy and sustainable development. Just like Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, said in his speech on the second day of the Forum: “We are all on the same boat, we have to take care of what the future looks like.”

The 3rd Eastern Partnership Youth Forum had the Honorary Patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda, and thanks to him, the participants were invited to a Banquet at the  Presidential Palace “Belweder” to enjoy a delicious dinner.

Banquet at the  Presidential Palace “Belweder”



Step out of my comfort zone: Get more from Life

I think about looking at an object up-close, my eyes fixed closely on this object, seeing just one side of the coin and feeling comfortable this way anyway. Another thought also crosses my mind of this group of blind people who were told to touch an elephant and everyone really get the chance to touch a specific part of this enormous animal. One touches the tail, another, the trunk, another, the belly while someone touches the ears. How interesting it is that when finally everyone gets a chance to share what they think an elephant is, everyone has a different story. One claims it is long rod with whiskers and quite firm while the other goes like, “mmmmh…a big flat flap that could be used to fan; and several answers come up including one who just thinks an elephant is one hard, tough, solid block with a rough texture. And so all these answers really reflect from which angle we view life. From which perspective we stand and from which vantage point we are… and this is really our world.

Photo: TripAdvisor

And so, many times, we get into arguments and conflicts with wanting other people to buy into our viewpoints, to think and reason like us without really getting from where they stand. This has become a norm in our society where we force beliefs down people’s throats. We force our opinions on others and make life quite miserable for ourselves actually. And so we create comfort zones of less hurt, less pain and less effort…

A comfort zone is our zone of bliss, our reality of what should be in the world, our point of joy. And so, from this reality of what should be, we conquer the world to make it what we want it to be, sit back and let things pass us by or ignore whatever is happening around us. From whatever angle, conquering the world or sitting back, we create an outcome and the outcome could be desirable or not…

Comfort zones have never brought any meaningfully sustainable change to anyone at all… Actually, world most remembered faces in history had a downfall trying to make the world into their comfort zones of “what the world should be” From Hitler to Napoleon among others…and of course going down colonial lanes of the world.

Not mentioned in history is the other side of the bracket where a majority of people also sit back and let things pass them and letting their dreams and purpose fall by the wayside. The groups who sit back and settle for what the social prescriptions and popular culture determines… The group that follow every wind flow and refuse to question their motives under every circumstance… Or those stuck in doing the same old things from a singular perspective? Believing in their side of the story being the only TRUTH in the world?

And then it’s not about anyone else but me…my perspective, my reality…what informs it…and above all, is it the only one available in the world? And if not, how can we live and interact freely within all these worlds that our minds have so historically built in the name of education and experience?

Education and experience are very significant words in the growth of anyone…and yes… come to think of it, we all learn and experience things every moment of our life and that’s what makes life…right?

How can we use our education and experiences to transform our perspective consciously? Because whether we like it or not, our world changes with every new thing we learn and every new experience we encounter.

Back to my object, back to my elephant story….

We have known fact to exist in our world and what we have experienced…  But what if it could be more than?

I mean we can grow up defining an elephant as a long rod with whiskers and explain it to everyone who comes after us or we can spend a day in another person’s reality… But how do we even do that!

From these questions, insight comes, in the form of wanting to retreats, visiting other people from other cultures besides us, travel different communities and living with people up-close…from their world. I mean we have been taught to become so firm in our world that we can change everyone around us, but what of becoming so deep that we can accommodate and transform ourselves and people around us?

What if we can spend a day, a week, or even a month in the perspective of someone else? What if we can step out of our comfort zones and embrace newness in how we do things? What if this was possible?

Well, it’s possible to do so, and fresh and enriching in just how much someone can learn from the self and from others when they step out of the way to see things differently.

But there is a catch, you don’t just go in blindly, but with an intention to learn and transform.  Transformation occurs when we trust ourselves well enough to let go of the reigns and know that we are alright to swim. When we really pay attention to what is it that is being said… is it useful right NOW? How about its use in ten years to come…? And how sustainable is it within the context of this fast changing world? These are questions that we must ask ourselves all the time as we embark on transforming our perspectives and learning new things.

So, the next time you get a chance to attend that cool retreat with friends or visit school, remember it’s not enough to share what you have, but also to learn from what is offered…and all these can only happen when we let go of our fears and listen to the other person from their point of view as well. Then we can see the trunk, tail, belly and ears of the elephants… Does it change what the elephant is, not really, just brings more understanding in the room…at the end of the day, an elephant will still be an elephant, whether defined by the tail or the trunk.

Two Peace Agents joining forces in Spain

On September 3rd, in a small town in the southern province of Cadiz in Spain — Alcala’ de los Gazulez — two Peace Agents — Zulema and Gea — joined forces and organised a mindfulness activity for the town political meeting.

The story that enabled me to organise this small event with Zulema goes back to the International Fellowship in Thailand, ‘Peace on the move 18’, held in the Forest Sanctuary in Loei Province in which both Zulema and I met for the first time.

The fellowship is a 14 days intensive training program providing participants with deeper insight in the relationship between inner peace and sustainable world peace and enhancing their ability to create peace within their family, professional and social environment.

Last night after the fellowship, Zulema woke up early to go to the airport to take her flight back to Spain, but while packing, she forgot to take with her the PIPO book, a priceless source of wisdom taught by Luang Por Dhammajayo, the abbot of the Dhammakaya temple in Thailand, one of the most respected and experienced meditators for 45 years.

Zulema had won the book as a prize within a mindfulness context during the fellowship in Thailand. After noticing that she had forgotten it in the PIPO house, I thought it would be no problem for me to mail it to Zulema once back in Europe. But then, another thought occurred to me: why not go directly to Spain to bring the book to Zulema?

So I did. This turned out to be not only a chance to see a dear friend, but also to join forces on spreading inner peace around the world. Moreover, since Zulema is actively involved in the politic scene of her town (Alcala’ De Los Gazules), there was no better scenario than organizing a mini event in which we would share our learnings about meditation and mindfulness.

You may be wondering: what’s the connection between politics and meditation? Let me explain by sharing one of the lessons that I’ve learned from my dear teaching monk LP John during the International Fellowship in Thailand: meditation helps you clear the mind, a clear mind develops the right understanding and thus it is able to generate more positive thoughts; the positive thoughts will lead to positive speeches and the latter will bring about positive actions.

Since political leaders from big countries to small towns or villages are often people who most contribute and influence the building and development of our society, we are in need for leaders who better own the tools of right thoughts, right speeches and right actions, thus they can help to shape a better, a more peaceful and a more positive society around us.

With this in mind, during the third political meeting of the town of Alcala’ De Los Gazules, Zulema designed a full day event packed with activities, workshops and a meditation session. And I was very pleased to help with the event organization.

The program started with citizens gathering around a typical local breakfast in a bar located in the main city’s square. At 10.30 after a meditation session guided by Alejandra Barbe’ Sevilla, Peace Architect from Peace Revolution, we all had cleared our mind and were ready to discuss political issues and plan strategies for the future of the town.

After a tasty lunch followed by a nice walk around the historical city centre of the town, Zulema hosted a workshop “Los animals salen del armario” which tackled sexual diversity in the animal world.

We finished the day by refreshing ourselves in the communal swimming pool and had a yoga session guided by Zulema.

The event Program

Zulema sharing with the audience her personal experience during the International fellowship in Thailand. (Photo by Gea Bonaffini)
Online Meditation session guided by Peace Architect Alejandra Barbe’ Sevilla. (Photo by Gea Bonaffini)
The town political meeting. (Photo by Gea Bonaffini)
Zulema hosting the workshop “Los animals salen del armario”. (Photo by Gea Bonaffini)
Zulema guiding a yoga session in the patio of the communal swimming pool. (Photo by Gea Bonaffini)

Today, more than ever, our world lacks political leaders who are committed to bring real and sustainable change to our society; peace is a word we often hear about but hardly see.

We should not lose hope, because each of us can actually do something to bring the change in the world here and now and to make peace a daily reality. How?

By simply being the CHANGE THAT WE WANT TO SEE.

Присоединяйтесь к нашим планам на 2017 год!

В преддверии Нового Года мы, фонд World Peace Initiative, оглядываемся назад, оцениваем, что принес нам 2016 год, и строим планы на новый 2017 год.

2016 был очень плодотворным годом: мы организовали 4 саммита в разных регионах мира с целью ознакомления большего числа людей с медитацией как инструментом преобразования планеты в более мирное и гармоничное место. 415 участников из 92 стран собрались вместе, чтобы медитировать, общаться с единомышленниками, обсуждать идеи и новые решения по построению мирных отношений в своих сообществах. Первым мероприятием стал Европейский Саммит Мира, который прошёл 4-7 апреля в Будапеште, Венгрия. За ним был проведен Африканский Саммит Мира в Найроби, Кения, 16-20 октября, затем состоялся Латиноамериканский Саммит Мира, 25-27 ноября, и, наконец, 15-18 декабря мы провели Саммит Мира Юго-восточной Европы в Тиране, Албания.

Также мы организовали 5 международных тренингов Таиланде, включая Amani fellowship для молодежи из Африки и Творческий медитационный ретрит. В этом году был запущен новый тренинг: недельный Молодежный лагерь самопознания для студентов азиатско-тихоокеанского региона, который прошёл дважды, в апреле и сентябре. Мы организовали несколько лагерей для тайских студентов, и один лагерь в Таиланде при участии бельгийских скаутов. Мы провели локальные тренинги с целью развития мирных отношений в определенных регионах: Bridge Fellowship в Грузии (11-14 марта), Семинар для центральной и западной Африки в Камеруне (19-23 марта), Семинар Amandla для юго-восточной Африки в Малави (25-27 марта), SEE Peace Fellowship в Греции (1-3 апреля), MENA Salam III Fellowship в Турции (27-31 мая), наш первый лагерь Oceanic Camp на Фиджи (30 августа – 4 сентября) и женский Heya Fellowship в Марокко (9-13 апреля).

Мы участвовали в различных конференциях, таких как Rotary Seoul Convention и UAI Seoul в Южной Корее, Люксембургский фестиваль йоги и др., рассказывая о медитации и внутренней гармонии. Мы организовали семинары peace on demand в Австралии, Италии, Болгарии, США, Бурунди, Гондурасе, Гватемале, Коста-Рике, Сан-Сальвадоре, Доминикане, Лесото, Польше, Испании, Уругвае, Таджикистане, Узбекистане, Казахстане, Киргизстане, Иране, Аргентине, Парагвае, Эквадоре, Того, Гамбии, Экваториальной Гвинее, Бенине, Демократической республике Конго, Латвии, Сербии, Албании, Китае, на Кубе, Ямайке, Багамах и Гаити.

За всё, что мы смогли осуществить в прошедшем году, мы благодарим наших замечательных партнеров, персонал, наставников (Peace Coaches) и активных участников предыдущих тренингов (Peace Agents).

Что мы планируем сделать в 2017?

Мы собираемся начать год с тренинга Peace Architect в январе, затем в феврале пройдет тренинг для нашей команды где мы обсудим новые планы и стратегию на новый год, и, конечно же, помедитируем, попрактикуем йогу, обменяемся опытом. Далее состоится очередной лагерь APU camp для азиатских студентов (1-7 марта, Таиланд), тренинг Bridge Peace fellowship для восточной Европы, центральной Азии и Кавказского региона (март 16-19, Грузия), лагерь Pacific Self discovery camp (24-28 марта, Фиджи), женский Heya fellowship для Северной Африки и Ближнего Востока (14-18 апреля), тренинг Salam для Северной Африки и Ближнего Востока (27-31 марта, Тунис).

Как обычно, мы будем проводить наши традиционные семинары Peace on demand workshops на всех континентах, и если мы вовремя запланируем что-то вместе с вами, вероятнее всего мы сможем посетить вашу стану, будь то в центральной Америке, в Африке, в центральной Азии, в юго-восточной Европе, в центральной Европе, в южной Америке и др. Свяжитесь со своим региональным координатором, чтобы узнать подробности.

Мы также планируем проводить больше платных курсов и тренингов, чтобы поддерживать наши остальные проекты. Пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами, если у вас есть идея организации платного ретрита, которую вы хотели бы обсудить.

Все проведенные нами проекты были воплощены людьми, верящими в идею внутреннего мира и гармонии и желающими поделиться ею с остальными. Поэтому не бойтесь делиться своими идеями с нами, это первый шаг к их воплощению, и мы очень хотим поддержать вас на этом пути!


Become a part of our plans for 2017! World Peace Initiative Foundation

As the New Year is approaching, at World Peace Initiative Foundation, we look back to everything that happened in 2016 and are making plans for the upcoming year.

2016 has been a great year during which we have taken the inner peace further in the peace-building agenda of the world. We have organised four summits in different regions of the world in order to promote meditation as a tool for making the world a more peaceful place. 415 participants from 92 countries  gathered together to brainstorm, meditate, network and create new solutions for bringing peace to their communities. European Peace Summit started of in Budapest, Hungary on April 4-7, followed by Africa Peace Summit in Nairobi, Kenya on October 16-20, followed by Latin America Peace Summit on November 25-27 and the South East Europe Peace Summit in Tirana, Albania on December 15-18. We plan to bring people together in conferences to support their inner peace experience and answer questions about introducing inner peace as an important tool of peace building together.

We also held five international fellowships in Thailand including Amani fellowship for African Youth and Artistic meditation retreat. We started a new tradition of one week long Self discovery youth camps for students in Asia Pacific region, and have held two already, in April and September (apply here), we have also held multiple camps for Thai students, and one in association with Belgian scouts. We held regional fellowships  to bring more understanding and peace to specific parts of the world – Bridge Fellowship in Georgia (11-14 March), Central & West Africa Seminar for Partnership in Cameroon (19-23 March), Amandla East & Southern Africa Seminar for Partnership in Malawi (25 -27 March), SEE Peace Fellowship in Greece (1-3 April), MENA Salam III Fellowship in Turkey (27-31 May), our first Oceanic Camp in Fiji (30 Aug – 4 Sep) and Heya Fellowship in Morocco for women (9-13 April).

We have taken part in different conferences representing meditation and inner peace, such as Rotary Seoul Convention and UAI Seoul in South Korea, Luxembourg Yoga festival, etc. And we have organized and co-organized peace on demand events and workshops in Australia, Italy, Bulgaria, USA, Cuba, Burundi, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, San Salvador, Jamaica, Bahamas, Haiti, Rep. Dominicana, St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago,  Lesotho, Poland, Spain, Uruguay, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador, Togo, Gambia, Equatorial Guinea, Benin, Democratic Republic of Congo, Latvia, Serbia, Albania, and China.

We are grateful for everything we were able to do in the past year, for all the people who have discovered meditation and for our wonderful partners, staff, Peace Coaches and Peace Agents who made it happen.

What do we plan for the year 2017?

We shall start the year off with Peace Architect training in January, followed by crew training in February, where we will develop new plans and strategies for the upcoming year, and of course meditate, practise yoga, share and train ourselves. Then, we plan to have one more APU camp for Asian students (1-7 March, Thailand), Bridge Peace fellowship for Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Caucasus (March 16-19, Georgia), Pacific Self discovery camp (24-28 March, Fiji), Heya fellowship for women in the MENA region (14-18 April), the Middle East and North Africa Salam fellowship (27-31 March, Tunisia).

As always we shall hold Peace on demand workshops on every continent, and if we plan together on time, we would most likely be able to to come to your country – in Central America, in Central and West Africa, South and East Africa, Central Asia, South East Europe, Europe, and South America! Contact your regional coordinator to know more.

We are also planning to hold more paid courses to fundraise and support our projects. Please  contact us if you have an idea of a meditation paid course and would like to discuss it further.

All the projects we have done so far were created by people who were passionate about inner peace and wanted to share it with the world. Please be brave to share your ideas with us – it is the first step to start fulfilling them, and we are eager to support!


Apply to APU Self Discovery Camp

World Peace Initiative and Peace Revolution launch the 3rd APU Self Discovery Camp, after two very successful APU camps in March and September. It is open for other university students in Asia in order for them to gain a better understanding of themselves in 7 days at Himawan meditation retreat, a beautiful retreat in the north of Thailand!

Are you still trying to understand you who you really are and what you stand for? Do you feel caught up in your studies and need a break to just get away from it all to get a new perspective and some inner peace? Then join us today! APPLY HERE

Any questions? Check our call for participation to know more about this once in a life time opportunity.


Apply for the 4th MENA Salam Fellowship

mena fellowship

Peace revolution is delighted to present the 4th MENA Salam Fellowship that will bring together 30 young entrepreneurs from the MENA region on a 5-day inner peace journey in Tunisia (27-31 March 2017), while living in an inspiring calm nature.

Are you a young entrepreneur striving to create a better world through your impact?Join the 4th MENA Salam Fellowship where you will learn how to turn your failures into successes and how to eliminate the excess baggage in your life. We can then move forward together and work towards empowering ourselves, our circles, our region and all around the world. Let’s start the change!


This fellowship will be the perfect opportunity for you to start connecting to your inner true self and create the potential for social transformation around you!

Assemble with the creative powers of youth! 


Apply for South East Europe Peace Summit!

World Peace Initiative is delighted to present the South East Europe (SEE) Peace Summit. SEE Peace Summit will take place on December 15-18, 2016 in Tirana, Albania and its goal is to introduce inner peace as a tool for active peace building in the region of Balkans and Europe as a whole.

The Summit will include engaging activities, meditation, yoga sessions, lectures and discussions providing the participants with new skills for non-violent resistance, peace education, enhanced creativity and stress-management. It will be a unique combination of a meditation retreat and a conference, which will bring about the disruptive idea that world peace can be built through inner peace and self-development, confirming that individuals are responsible for and are capable of making a change in their communities. Participants will be able to learn meditation first hand from a Buddhist monk from Thailand!  



SEE Peace Sumit will also introduce a unique opportunity – the Meditation Clinic. The Meditation Clinic is a chance to book one to one or a group session with our monk and ask him all the questions you may have about life, meditation and your own practice. If you have been looking for a chance to talk to a Buddhist monk with over 15 years meditation experience, make sure you don’t miss this opportunity.



Empower Your Mind in the SEE Peace Summit

Did anyone tell you that you cannot sing? Cannot paint? Cannot start a business or lead a project? Wasn’t it sometimes your own critical voice saying that you lack certain skills and competences, that your idea is insane, and that you will definitely fail? Though each of us has felt discouraged in life, it is important to hear that other voice in you saying: you can! SEE Peace Summit organized in Tirana, Albania from December 15 to 18 will offer a platform for the European youth to become empowered, encouraged and motivated to venture for the dearest dreams.

Empowerment is one of the three thematic areas that will be tackled during the summit, and it will include three forms of empowerment: self-empowerment, youth empowerment, and women’s empowerment. Participants will have an opportunity to listen to inspiring speakers and hear the stories of how they had found strength and courage to achieve their dreams, as well as overcame the obstacles. Moreover, meditation will be introduced as a tool that empowers people to attain their peace of mind and find their inner strength. As our Teaching Monks say, it happens with the awareness of the power that one possesses inside, with letting go and living without expectations. Then, it leads to recognizing one’s environment, oneself, and one’s inner power.

The summit will offer a unique conference and retreat format which will include a variety of activities: yoga, workshops about health and benefits from professional trainers and Thai Buddhist Monks, meditation sessions, as well as a Meditation Clinic with an opportunity to have a one-to-one or a group conversation with a Thai Buddhist Monk.

The SEE Peace Summit is organized by the World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI), an international organization that promotes the culture of peace in the world through a practice of meditation and mindfulness. The summit aims to bring together young people from all over Europe, offering them a space to exchange experiences and create ideas for improving themselves and their communities back home.

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