Master your mind and faster the success in your life

Having a balance life is what I am always searching for…After getting my master degree following 4 years of study in China,  I was full of energy, big dreams, ambitious plans and high expectations about the life I had ahead of me. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as I had expected (not that happy); after 2 month search, I couldn’t find the job I was looking for and became depressed and unhappy. All of my expectation and big plans were ruined as my search became fruitless.

Instead of looking for happiness within myself, I  was always looking outside, to find happiness: I was comparing myself with others, then I would start to complain and look for someone to blame  for my problems, I waited for someone else to make my life joyful and happy. I realized that external happiness doesn’t last long, so I started looking for true  happiness.  I asked my friends; what is the happiness and are they happy?   I tried many methods to be  happy, but  I couldn’t find anything  that worked for me.

Serenity and peace of mindSelf-awareness and self-discovery and networking are growing in these 5 days

One day one of my friends introduced me to this Self development program  (“peacerevolution project”) that she was doing. I thought in myself “ah, another useless program”.  When I first tried this self developing program, I was so impressed and I told myself  “this is what you are looking for”.  I took step toward the new journey in my life that was called “meditation”. After one month practicing meditation I realized that I become more positive, smiled more and became more grateful  for what I had.


After a month I was invited for regional fellowship program in Georgia. It was  an amazing experience, I learned to live without expectations, to be present, let go things, be mindful and how the mind  works.Now I am proud of myself that I made this great investment in me (doing this 42 day self development program), meditation helped me to clear my mind, change my bad habits, get fulfillment and most importantly, to find my inner peace

Master your mind and habits for success, take the first step to a better version of you now !

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