How to live in harmony with the world nowadays?

We live in a global economical culture that is geared towards doing, succeeding, “crushing it”, making more whether it’s money or of ourselves. These actions are based on outwards and external movement. Just like nature, human life too is all about balance, and to maintain this balance, we need to spend time cultivating our inner experience. We need to slow down, reflect, and just enjoy “being” without having to do anything. Practices like meditation, sport, and mindfulness can help us slow down so that when we do need to act, move in the world, and create, we have a deeper and a more valuable reservoir of energy and balance to draw from.

By letting go, you become free

The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try, push and try, the world is just beyond the winning. Enlightenment means to lighten the burden of life in this world and to lighten the darker aspects of human character. But how then do we lighten ourselves? How do we lighten our burdens and lighten our characters? The key is to examine our attachments, those things that we cling to in our minds so strongly that we cause pain to ourselves and others. This examination, this self-watching can begin by understanding the attachment: attachment to recognition, attachment to security, or attachment to control. To be content is to be happy with what you have, and to be happy with what you have is to be rich. Let go of your labels if you truly want to know yourself.

Within the betterment of yourself and others around you, evil cannot touch you. However, evil never disappears, the best thing you can do is, be stronger than the temptations around you, and you will beat them.

Kindness and compassion for others will always win in the end 

There is a beautiful metaphor in Taoism about the virtue of the unconditional that we can learn from water. As a river flows across the land, it nurtures all living things that it comes across. All the plants and animals benefit from the water of the river. Once it’s done its work, water moves on without waiting for recognition or praise. When one practices compassion, one gains a great insight into oneself. When one puts others before himself, showing compassion to one and other, what the person gets out of it, is a deep insight into his own boundless nature. The practice of compassion helps to strengthen our relationships with others; it helps to deepen our connection to the world and universe at large. It’s something that seems to be a sign of weakness, but in fact, is a sign of strength.

If you would like to find what many look for, but few find – inner peace -, do not hesitate in having a look here.

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