What is life, work, and where is happiness?

What is the purpose of getting a really good job in a huge company? Why this pressure to become a CEO or to earn more than your colleague, neighbour, or an unknown person? Is this what your heart wants? What is really the truth about balancing your work and life?

Nowadays we move into this Western-oriented society where we usually do not look at the consequences but at the aim…. It is like rushing into a road without brakes – very easy to crash. Many people struggle like if they were going to ‘reach the peak of the mountain and then get the final rest’, the target is coming, after this I will be happy, when I finish this I will be done, after all this effort all will be completely ok…the reality is that it is never going to happen that way; we have to understand that it is a continuous flow of events where every second is ‘the peak of the mountain’, and being fully aware of it, is the ‘final rest’.

Remember: you are here, now and at this moment. Do you look after yourself? Have you ever thought about this before? I would like to ask you, do you: say what you feel and do what you think? Or you do the opposite, pretending that you do not listen to what your inside is telling you?

This is a topic where we could expand pages and pages; here is just a little glimpse for you to reflect:

  • First of all, to know what you need, you have to know yourself very well.
  • Furthermore, it is very important to dispose of time for yourself, family and friends.
  • Work to live, do not live to work. What are your wants and what are your needs? Now is the moment to realize this.

Always follow your instinct and judgement, try to avoid doing over and over what is wrong according to it. Even if it is difficult at the beginning, it will be worth at the end and you will feel better, that is the trick.

Follow your values, ideas, and heart. Always be humble and express yourself. Remember that the sun rises for all of us and for all of us it sets too.

I would like to finish this article by quoting a phrase of the great Thai thinker, Theravada Buddhist Monk LP Pasura whom I was lucky to meet and who said: “It is not necessary to be someone else, it is ok to be an ordinary person. Be happy, and help others, and you will get the glass full.”

If you would like to try meditation in order to start finding balance in your life, you can check this out.

Photo credits: Pixabay


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