5 Tips To Have A Thriving Post-Lockdown Life

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When the global pandemic happened, the entire humankind was forced to stay indoors, hide behind their face masks and face shields, and move to remote work and virtual classes. All these were done to protect themselves from contracting the virus or minimize the risk of transmitting it to other people. The first few months of lockdown were difficult for everyone, but eventually, people were able to settle down and adjust to it.

But despite getting used to the lockdown life, you can’t help but sometimes long for the normal life everyone used to have pre-pandemic. You probably missed the feeling of normalcy like being able to eat outside without social distancing, talking to people without face masks, and going to parties without worrying about the virus. But now that the lockdown is finally over, how do you approach post-lockdown life and adapt to the new normal?

To help you bounce back from the lockdown and other adverse experiences brought by the pandemic, here are five tips you can do to have a thriving post-lockdown life:

1. Pay More Attention To Hygiene
Even if the lockdown’s over, it doesn’t mean you should stop being mindful of the safety and cleanliness of your environment. Because of the pandemic and the implementation of lockdown, some parents have become more meticulous in their home’s cleanliness and disinfection. In short, the lockdown has taught people the value of practicing proper hygiene to reduce your risk of getting the virus.

Thus, whether you’re going back to school or work, make sure to pay extra attention to your hygiene practices and look after your overall health. For example, if you’re a business owner planning to bring back your employees in the office, now’s the time to reset your business-managing style and be more mindful not only of your sales and revenue but also of your employees’ health and hygiene practices.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as OSHA, ensures that all businesses observe new normal protocols like socially-distanced office setup, strict implementation of face masks, regular office disinfection, and mandatory regular hand sanitation. So, make sure to follow these new normal protocols and prioritize proper hygiene.

2. Overcome Your Social Anxiety
As some people got used to the lockdown life, they’ve also developed social anxiety in which the thought of attending a social event or going back to work doesn’t seem exciting anymore. Instead of letting your anxieties win over your social support network, create a plan on how you’re going to get back your social mojo and alleviate social anxiety.

For instance, if taking public transportation seems too overwhelming, you can consider driving, biking, or walking your way to work until you get used to seeing and meeting plenty of people. You can also play soothing tunes or your favorite music to put you in the mood and find your feet to socialize again.

3. Make More Time For Self-Care
One perk brought by the lockdown was that people have realized the value and importance of practicing self-care. Some of you have probably started meditating, going on a daily run or walking around the neighborhood, eating meals on time, and other self-care rituals. Now that the lockdown is over, make sure the habits you’ve started before will remain in your post-lockdown lifestyle.

For instance, even if you’re finally back to working in a normal office again, find time to integrate self-care into your workday. Your newfound habits will help you thrive during the post-lockdown life.

4. Look After Your Mental Health
Being on lockdown has been hard for everyone’s mental health. Staying indoors and avoiding social interactions has even caused a mental health decline for some people. As new adjustments are bound to happen again with the post-lockdown, now’s the time to care for your mental health even more. Some tips to help you are:
– seeking help from a professional healthcare provider;
– expressing your thoughts and feelings through journaling;
– focusing on things you can only control (e.g., daily routines, the amount of world news you read, the number of people you socialize or meet);
– practicing deep-breathing techniques.

A healthy mental health equates to a thriving and happier post-lockdown life.

5. Focus On Local Travels
Another thing that many people probably missed during the lockdown was traveling. The pandemic has prohibited all types of travel to control the number of COVID-19 cases and keep it to a minimum. Although international trips are still far from happening, local destinations are slowly opening their borders again for their local travelers. So, suppose you’re feeling adventurous again. In that case, you can focus your travels on local destinations for now, but make sure to still follow the new normal protocols and have yourself vaccinated.

Final Thoughts
Many people aren’t fans of change, especially after the drastic and forceful change caused by the pandemic and lockdown. With the lockdown ending and people opening their doors again, it also signals another type of change that you’ll need to prepare for and adjust. Thus, let these tips help you prepare and keep thriving for the upcoming post-lockdown life.

Portrait of an Asian office employee – a businesswoman wearing protective face mask while working in the new normal office with interracial colleagues in the background as a social distance practice in order to prevent contracting COVID-19.

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