Where to meditate? – 5 ideal and idyllic spots

What is meditation? Is it related to religion; Buddhism or Hinduism? Or is it just a mental exercise? A question which leads to ambiguous state of minds in society and still creates vagueness and uncertainty in the present era. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, meditation is defined as “the act of giving your attention to only one thing, either as a religious activity or as a way of becoming calm and relaxed.” The most important element to retain, is the process of diverting the attention of the mind to focus only on one particular object or scenery. Nevertheless, everyone has its own definition of meditation and there are thousands of factors related to it, yet the focus in this article is going to be the environment exploring different meditation spots where one can meditate.

Speaking in a scientifically philosophical way, meditation has a very strong relationship with the surrounding where it is performed, and it has been proven through numerous factual books, journals, studies and more. Hence, to experience the perfect meditation practice, it is vital to meditate in a suitable environment. I have listed five ideal and idyllic meditation spots for this practice.

Spot 1: Room

Our bedroom or as I commonly refer to it, our ‘cocoon’, is synonymous of comfort, privacy, freedom and where we feel very connected to ourselves. It is a world of fantasy because we are able to project ourselves anywhere we feel like or wish to. Meditating in such an environment makes us feel comfortable, relaxed and worry-free which are essential components to have a nice and deep experience. However, it is important not to be fooled by the decor because we normally experience one third of our life in this particular milieu to sleep; better to be fully concentrated during the meditation session.

Spot 2: Temple

When the word ‘temple’ comes to mind, it naturally directs us to the image of divine statues and pictures of Gods and Goddesses. Temples are always a source of spirituality and inspiration for many in their daily lives in view of finding solace from their unsettling journey of life. It divulgates an aura of positive energy with a nose-tickling aroma of incense sticks along with peaceful silence but often disrupted by the beautiful melodies of the hanging bells, making it one of the most ideal spots to reset our mind. Meditating in such setting with the amalgamation of all these mentioned components helps to balance our level of concentration and relaxation.

Spot 3: Beach

Being born on an island gives me the chance to meditate on paradisiac beaches, and it is truly a blessing. The 3s, namely, ‘sea, sun and sand’ combination helps me enhance my meditation sessions and experiences. Meditating by the beach is a unique adventure as you have the opportunity to feel the fresh and raw sea breeze touching your skin while sitting on the smooth sand enables you to keep the perfect position. The sound of the waves is melodious and the perfume corals and algaes create a relaxed and comfortable feeling within us. However, it is important not to get attached to the environment and its mechanisms. 

Spot 4: Forest

A forest is always a special place on Earth as it symbolizes the true sense of Mother Nature. Meditating in a forest is unique because you are surrounded by different characters: trees, plants, rivers, rocks, and the list goes on. All these visual and audible elements create a sense of cohesion as if you are meditating in a group. The refreshing fragrance, the pure air, the shade formed by the trees are conspicuous to the mind, naturally bringing it to a neutral and peaceful state, making your meditation blissful. Nevertheless, it is of upmost importance to not deviate from the core objective, that is, focusing on only one particular thing.

Spot 5: Mountains/Hills

Last but not the least, mountains and hills conclude the list due to the majestic sceneries they project in front of you while meditating. Being on the top of a mountain or hill to meditate challenges your physical abilities and it makes you feel as if you are in a void at the top of the world, a world of emptiness where there is only you. This process makes you very mindful. Yet, you should always be very careful while climbing to the top because it can be a perilous and gruelling journey.

What about you? What are your favourite spots to meditate?

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