The Art of Silence – The Sound of Awakening

It’s still on my mind, the sound of the bell in Himawan sanctuary (where I joined a meditation training) around the dining room at two places: the first one – in between the dining room and rest room, the other one – in front of the dining room, the place where I loved to sit alone and sometimes with friends. Whenever wind or people touch the bell, it would slowly start ringing. Oh, I knew this voice before, yeah I remember this sound! When I was a kid, I used to go to church, and they rang a bell to remind us to pray and be aware we’re at the right place. It is the voice of awakening.

I heard it again – this sound which reminds me I am here at the right moment, at the present time, I am breathing, I am living, I am watching this beautiful nature, I am walking, I am touching; it reminds me to be the presence, to enjoy life in silence, to live life in calmness.

When the bell rings, it’s telling me “Mahi, keep calm and be present”. I hear it in silence, then I follow it in silence. It takes me to my true nature, I see myself without cover. A clear view of my heart looking deep at the created awareness in silence, creating the space to perceive life, enjoy the nature of mine in silence. Each step is a way to happiness, a path to peace which is found in my true nature.

My silence is my samma (pali word which means the “right way”), my samma to contentment. It shines the way through silence to the ocean of true peace and heartily felt happiness.

Be open and liberate yourself being innocent like a child!

Meditation is a way to calm down your chatter and silence your mind which is a path to inner peace.

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