Prepare yourself for meditation

Peace Revolution is a platform where you can learn meditation for free step by step, and be guided by a qualified Peace Coach. We teach the method of meditation in which you concentrate on the center of your body – the gravity point, and one of the main requirements of this meditation style is to be sabai. What is sabai? It is a Thai word that cannot be translated directly, but combines a lot of meanings in itself – content, relaxed, chill, happy, satisfied, still, peaceful. Very often we look for meditation in order to find peace, harmony and balance in life. However, it is at times difficult to meditate since the state at which we begin meditation is quite misbalanced and it takes a lot of time to breathe yourself out of it. So, we have developed some suggestions on how to prepare yourself for meditation, to make sure you enjoy your meditation from the very first step.


Stretch. You may find a lot of stretching videos online (yin yoga is also very relaxing) and even remember your old high school routine you did in Sports class.

Dance. It is a great way to get lost in the music and to fully express yourself with your body movements, dance can be a therapy, and it doesn’t matter how long you dance, if you are professional or not, be sure – it will put a smile on your face.

Drink a cup of tea – the hot liquid will soothe your throat, soften your breath, and will help your body relax. Remember not to drink too much, as you will be distracted thinking about the toilet during meditation

Look at something pleasant to observe – flowers, children playing, green leaves outside the window, everything that makes you feel good – let it in your life and embrace it. When we concentrate on the positive, positive enters our life fully.

Do a concentration exercise – try to concentrate all your attention on something you do. If you are eating a pear, try to feel the texture of the pear and the taste with all your tastebuds, feel how it makes you feel, describe the color you see when you close your eyes while eating the pear. If you are running, observe all the movements you make and how they make you feel, be mindful of every time your foot touches the ground and try to explore all your sensations.

Breathe while walking – inhale during five steps, hold your breath in the next five steps, and exhale in the last five steps. Repeat. You will be surprised how balancing your breathe can balance out your whole nervous system and bring your mind back to contentment.

Engage in a meditative activity – something you enjoy so much, that when you are in the moment of doing it, all the other thoughts melt away and you stay alone with your passion. And you really enjoy. For me it is swimming, paddle boarding, cooking. What is your meditative activity?

Light a candle – in many ancient philosophies the four elements – fire, water, earth and air – play a very important role in the search of harmony. And while we can see and touch the other three elements every day, for those who don’t use gas fire cookers, fire is almost absent from the daily routine. There is a joke in Ukraine where I come from – People can observe these three things without stopping – fire, water, and other people working.

Earthing – it is a new hipster activity that is becoming popular these days. The idea is that we do not have direct contact with the earth, so we should take off our shoes and stand on bare earth for at least two minutes per day. Earthing supposedly releases all the electricity from your body into the earth, and you become freed from all the negative impact you get from computers and other gadgets.

Whatever you choose, make sure you prepare yourself for meditation. This preparation may take only about five minutes, but if it puts you in the right mood, it is definitely worth it. Having doubts? Try your favorite activity from this list and meditate after, and let us know in comments how it worked out.

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