Peace of mind is expensive

How much do you need to pay for peace of mind? Is it costly? What kind of livelihood can allow you to afford peace of mind? And more importantly, what is your indicator of peace of mind?

Even though everyone is looking for peace of mind, you may never wonder about these questions; indeed, they hide the core answers for peace of mind and, living in balance with yourself, being healthy mentally and physically. They walk together most of the time.

Paying for peace of mind

You may think of an amount or quantity to be paid for peace of mind. But nevertheless, I will tell you that there is no amount you can pay for this. It is not about the quantity of money, goods, or time you have to pay, but how much of those you need to let go. And yeah, surprisingly, that means paying the price. Most of the things in life have one.

The price you have to pay can vary in multiple forms. So you need to ask yourself, “why do I not have peace of mind?”. Is it due to your work? Lack of time? Or is it due to your ambitions?

At this point, the price you would need to pay is taking shape. Maybe it is about leaving a 12hs work in a multinational corporation as a leader? Could it be about stopping watching YouTube and spending more “present and meaningful” time with your partner? Or maybe the price is going to sleep at convenient times and giving peaceful time to yourself. When was the last time you read a book just to enjoy it?

There is no need to stay always doing something or increasing your earnings. That´s definitely not the ideal recipe for peace of mind.

A livelihood that can allow you to afford peace of mind

Is there such a thing? Honestly, nowadays, I am not sure. You must be calmly robust and say “no” to many things to achieve such peace. We humans do not need too much staff or wealth to live and be happy; nevertheless, we insist on needing them, you name it: money, recognition, social prestige, power, or security. Remember, accumulating money cannot make a human happy, but we all need it to live life out.

Try to find a profession that:

– Allows you to be proud of what you do and how you do it. Carrying an honourable life.

– Gives you time for yourself, your hobbies, sports, and even seeing your friends.

– And most importantly, it permits you to have a work-life balance, spending time with your family and loved ones.

I believe those are three essential and expensive pillars for a basic foundation of the so-called peace of mind. They require strength, as you may need to let go of worldly things, such as a promotion (linked to more working hours), gaining fame, prestige, or looking for new ways of making money. Yet, you would be moving from restlessness to peacefulness. Choose the second one.

Ultimately, all fall to the individual behaviour, intentions, and actions.

Your indicator for peace of mind

Some valuable pointers here are:

  1. How do you regularly feel inside, still, or are you continuously stressed and scared about life?
  2. Is your accepting more than your craving every day? Do you complain every day?
  3. Do you feel you are physically healthy and mentally restful every day? Or the opposite?
  4. Are you grateful for life and what you have, or do you always look for more (money, power, recognition…)?
  5. What are your values? Do you spend time daily to remind yourself about them and live your life through them? Can you have time every day to listen to your heart?

The list could go on for a while, but I will stop with these five as the basics.

Those are challenging indicators and may not be accomplished continuously, although, most of the time, you should try to go for what gives you peace, no matter what. That´s the accountable price you have to pay for peace of mind.

Remember, we will all die, hopefully not soon, but it can happen anytime. So live in a way that if you had to look back, at any time, you would do it with a smile.

Then you will discover that peace of mind is priceless.

Photo credits: Pixabay

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