A Powerful Way to Practice Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Are you interested to know how we can train our minds to be still even while our eyes are open? How can we be more focused during our daily activities? How can we activate the mind’s attention mode in activities that we are used to do automatically in order to become more productive and efficient? Let me introduce you to one of the main mindfulness techniques that we use during our meditation retreats at World Peace Initiative (WPI).

Be at the center
As we firmly believe that meditation is the main tool that helps us have a clear mind, we are meditating at least 4 times a day during our retreats, each time around 1 hour, so we spend around 4 out of 24 hours with our eyes closed to clear, still and calm our minds. However, we need to be aware that we still have 20 hours that have an impact on our minds, hence we should take care of these hours as much as we can to engage with those around us and do our daily activities in a proper way. Therefore, our mindfulness in action or so called BAC (“Be At the Center”) exercise comes from the concept in Dhammakaya Meditation which is based on being focused and calm at the center of the body.

Mindful while making a bed
Ping Ping Worakate, the CEO of WPI came up with this creative and fun exercise not only for the WPI retreats but also for everyday life that everyone can implement. BAC exercise is all about being mindful while doing any activity such as waking up, making a bed, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, reading, writing, walking, or even talking and eating. 

Let me share how I apply BAC exercise in my daily life. For example, when making a bed, I first take a soft and gentle breath, then I clear off stuff on the bed, place a pillow nicely, tuck in corners, and lay down the bed cover smoothly while centering my mind and keeping this mindful yet relaxed awareness flow to start my day. I do this activity not as a chore but as a moving meditation to calm my mind and body. My bed will be waiting for me once I am back home.

More fun in doing daily activities
The most enjoyable BAC exercises are when I brush my teeth and when I eat. Yes, I struggled when doing them at the beginning but now with the effort I put, I understand more how to eat mindfully. I feel blessed with the food I have in each meal and don’t take it for granted anymore.

Moreover, this mindfulness in action is practical, and it has a significant impact on my performance and productivity. For example, I can sit on my desk finishing some tasks without any feeling of distraction, even if another colleague is talking around me. Also, I have more fun and interest in doing my activities than when I used to do them in an autopilot mode. Practicing this BAC exercise also helps me clear and purify my mind while my eyes are open, so when I close my eyes, my meditation goes smoothly and easily.

This is how we can apply mindfulness in our everyday life as it’s so important to be conscious with our thoughts, speech, and actions so that we get the most out of everything. Let’s experience a BAC exercise by downloading an Enlighten Me app and giving it a try.

To develop a meditation practice yourself, you can try the online self-development program, or join the 7 day Peace Revolution online course.

Photo by Mindfulness Com on Unsplash

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