How meditation saved my life!

One year ago I was a totally different person, who was easily affected by her environment. I let myself absorb everything that was surrounding me, both the bad and the good. And I kept telling myself that it was all that makes us Human until I discovered meditation and started to meditate. I can say that it has literally saved my life!

When I first was introduced to peace revolution website , my life was a total mess. I failed my career. I failed in my relationship. And I lost all interest in what I was doing , even though I was deeply passionate and committed to every choice I made in my life. I felt overwhelmed by many things I was obliged to do, even if I wasn’t happy doing them, and by being around negative people who were absorbing all my energy for uninteresting facts.
I was losing myself in small flames for others and I forgot how important is someone’s self-integrity until meditation brought all my shattered thoughts together and I could feel much more stable and strong.

Some of the important aspects that you can experience through meditation are:

1. Mindfulness:

Ever wondered how it is to be mindful?  Dr. Ali Mattu has a funny explanation for you.

2. Neutrality and letting go:

It has nothing to do with being indifferent, it’s the opposite actually! When you realize that life is made of good and bad, bad in good and good in bad. you get wise and you detach yourself of all the emotional ego that stresses and frustrates you, you’ll be able to advance in your life and live in the present moment without being sad about the past nor worrying about the future.


3. Relaxation:

Meditation is the best tension taker, during meditation, you ca give yourself a break, a little muscle stretch and just be.
4. Positivity:

Meditation can teach you that to be happy you don’t need to collect things, to do things, you simply need to sit and live in the moment.
Meditation also helps you face life hardships and accept them with the least damage to your mental health.

It’s never too late to give it a try! it’s never too late to start your own journey of change. You only need to dare to take the first step.

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