Me, meditating in the Mooktawan Sanctuary

Lesson 2: Receive “the Present” of Each Day

We heard a lot in conferences, quotes, Facebook images that we have to enjoy each day, but from my experience actually doing it is quite difficult. As my master LP John from Peace Revolution said: “Is easy, if you make it easy.”

Let me tell you that all my life I believed in happiness as a result of achieving my goals, my dreams. I worked very hard towards them and felt so proud each time I achieved one. After the excitement of the moment I was looking for my next step in the ladder. I remember when I was a child, I always wanted to win, and when I lost, Oh my God! That was such a terrible moment: my blood pressure increased, the people around me saw my inner Hulk trying to turn back time, trying to do things differently. I didn’t know how to deal with losing. The accumulation of feelings and desires blinded me. But it also made me go on different paths, exploring how I could really be happy.

So, I had the fortune of participating in the Peace Revolution International Fellowship in Thailand in 2011. I remember at that time I was the digital marketing consultant for a big financial institution in my country. Still, I decided to resign and embrace a new path. What followed was a journey on those mystery lands and 21 days of giving myself, for the first time in my life, the space to think about myself, my future and the concept of happiness. That experience changed my life!

Me, meditating in the Mooktawan Sanctuary
Me, meditating in the Mooktawan Sanctuary

I won’t tell you that after going back to Colombia everything was pink and shiny. No. On the contrary. I had a lot of challenges personally, professionally and economically. Now, after 3 years from the Peace Revolution Fellowship, I understood what I missed. This experience opens your mind to see what you’ve never seen before. But if you just enjoy that period of time and don’t reflect and change, then it would remain only a great moment. So, it is not about the experience itself. It’s about what you do with it afterwards. It is about how you work to change your life, not each year, not each semester, not each week, but every single day.

Take each day as the most valuable moment. The experiences that built our future are now, and only today you can make a change in any area you want. That is why it is called “The present”. So that you can receive it, embrace it and you will enjoy each day, each time you write, you speak to someone, even when you fight. You will realize that you don’t have to be angry all the time. Surely, you might get angry from time to time but reflect and get calm, now, not later, today, not tomorrow. Please do not say: When I’m back to [anything] I will…. NOOOOO! You can start doing it today. Don’t believe me, try it yourself!

So, now when I lose the game, I reflect what I did wrong, congratulate the others and pass to a new page!

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