How to prevent the past from determining your future?

Do you see the future as the big unknown, as something you can’t predict? The future is not 100% predictable. Yet, by deepening our understanding and looking through the lens of our conscious mind we can actively prevent the past to determine our future.

From emotional experiences to personality

Our brain is a record of the past. Past experiences, past events, happy and less fortunate encounters leave a mark on our memory. So, all these long term memories are created from highly emotional experiences. A person will feel worried or unhappy based on recalling a memory of the past. The stronger the reaction, the longer the period we hold onto an event and the feeling associated with it.

Let’s have a look at the refractory period: when we allow the emotion to last for hours and days, it’s called a mood. For example, something happened to me 5 days ago and I can’t let it go. If we keep that emotional reaction going for weeks and months, it turns into a temperament. If we keep that same emotional reaction for years, we have a personality trait already developed. Therefore, how you think and how you feel creates your state of being. If we allow it, the familiar past will become the predictable future.

Tapping into the conscious mind

It is important to note that the unconscious part of ourselves love familiarity. It would rather live in the lack and anticipate the worst scenario based on a past experience as long as there is a sense of familiarity associated to it. If you can’t think bigger than how you feel and respond to the same thought as if it is true, the same thought will lead to same choices, same behavior, same experience, same emotions. It’ all connected.

It happens this way, because the unconscious mind does not know the difference between the past experience and the experience you are creating by a thought alone. This is where meditation comes in: through practice, people can change their brainwaves. By learning to slow down, you have an access to the operating system – the conscious mind. It is the place where we can actively create the future by firstly understanding the patterns in the mind and mastering the courage to make different choices.

Leave behind the familiar past

The best way to predict the future is to create it. You can create it by choosing the thoughts you want to keep and fire in your brain.

You can also choose to see the reality based on a cause and effect. But this means waiting for something outside to happen to change how you feel inside. Yet, there is no need to wait for your success to feel empowered, to wait for your wealth to feel rich, for the new relationship to feel loved. You just need to start cracking the unexplored possibilities, which is a big part of you.

Visualize the future and tap into the realm of unlimited possibilities by leaving behind the familiar past.

Start manifesting today and attract what is out there.

Photo credits: @davidclode

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