Going back to the roots is finding the meaning

Chasing appearances is moving away from the origin, from the meaning

At the time of inner discovery, appearances are transcended. If we call truth to the changes that seem to occur in the superfluous world, this will only be due to our mental bias or confusion. When the mind exists unperturbed on the road, nothing in the world can offend deep down, and when nothing can offend deep down, it ceases to exist as it was before.

To return to the roots is to find the meaning, not in the future, not in desire and place of destiny, not in some other place: but in its roots, not in the end but in the beginning. Try to understand first, if there is any meaning it must be in the seeds, maybe hidden, maybe not.

The flowers already had to exist in their seeds, otherwise, how could they bloom? The end has to be in the beginning, the Omega has to be hidden on the Alpha. The past is in them, and of course, is there also the whole future; but the past is already gone, and the future has not happened. There is only the present, in the now, go to the roots, to the origin and the meaning will be clearer. You carry within yourself the seed, the seed of all meaning, of all possibility, of all the doors that can be opened and of all the mysteries that can occur, you carry the seed in you.

How to find the meaning?

If you want to find the meaning, a good way is to look inside the seed, and the seed is here and now, it is you. But the mind prefers to look to the future as it is simply easier, to look inside the seed requires commitment, and this is an introspective effort; because if you want to investigate the seed, you will need a different quality of vision, you will need a kind of a third eye, because the ordinary two eyes can only see the bark, but cannot see the invisible, what is hidden inside, the secret. You need other eyes with another quality that are able to penetrate the seed and see.

If you look outside, you will not be able to penetrate because your eyes will only see bodies, which are nothing more than the husks of the seeds. If you really want to look inside the seed, look inside, because then the shell will no longer be a problem, you are also a seed inside and belong to this existence, you have emerged from it; look inside because then the shell will not be a problem anymore. You do not even need to penetrate that shell, you are already inside (meditation is one of the great helping tools with this), look inside the seed, within yourself: there the meaning blooms immediately, it has always been there, it just needed your attention.

However, if you discard it continuously because you have been busy, bundled with other things… you will only see appearances because outside there are only appearances. You cannot know what is outside, because through the senses you can only touch the appearance, you can only move around, get closer, touch the surface. Only when you can enter yourself, only there can you be sure of the limitlessness of consciousness.

What you do not know, that you do not know

If you look inside, you will be surprised, if you close your eyes, deep down you cannot say if you are 20, 40 or 60 years old because age is something that belongs to the body, to the cortex, the vacuity; once you connect to the source, immutable, then the quality changes, then you can see and become a mirror, in that mirror reality is reflected. But first, you have to become a mirror. If you are very agitated, so restless that you cannot reflect anything, you will mostly see distortions, the mind distorts reality, consciousness reveals it. Now, if you continue to pursue the appearances created by the view of the mind, you will move away from the origin because the appearances belong to the outside, sometimes you pursue wealth, sometimes a woman or a man, others’ prestige, power, etc. and if you keep chasing appearances, all that time, you move away from yourself, all that time you live in a delusional dream. You may die being very rich, but inside the soul, the being will die poor. When you die you may have achieved a lot of power, you may be the president or prime minister of a country, but deep down you will know that you have no power, death will prove that your power was only an appearance, your power is impotent facing death, only that which transcends death is powerful, everything else is impotence, you may believe in the power of money, wealth, ruling, consuming beauty, etc. for some time, but life will show you the truth; always remember that death will come and it is a powerful criterion to help us reflect internally, to achieve inner peace day by day.

Inside, appearances and emptiness are transcended. For example, if you become too obsessed with wealth, your whole being focused on it, then you only see money and nothing else; if you cross with a person, you do not see the person but his money; if the person is poor, he leaves no trace in your mind, but if he or she is rich, yes, and if it is very rich, then you remember that person quite well, you keep it in memory. If you want to get power and you meet someone powerful, you do not question if what that person does is good or harmful to the world; then you meet someone but his person is somewhat secondary, you are blind to your obsessions, your criteria is cloudy and your interior unbalanced, craving, unrested, without peace, without understanding, without compassion.

The takeaway

Remember, when the king of your country is no longer the king, you will not be able to see him. He may pass by your side, but he will no longer be anyone; the desire of the ambitions of your mind determines the criteria of your vision. However, you should be aware that your inner light is always there, and if you focus your desire when this light turns, reverses, moves in, you are on the path of peace, discovery and happiness, then you are full of light, you become a house with light inside, you are no longer in the dark and suddenly you go beyond appearances and emptiness, then nothing is just the appearance and nothing is empty, everything is full of the divine, everything is full brimming with divinity, every tree, every river, each ocean overflowing with divinity, then God is everywhere, you can call it Truth, Universe, Energy or whatever you want, that it is just a man-made world, but the Real thing is everywhere.

When you are real, the world is real; when you are living in unreal desires you make, you create a world of appearances. Your world is what you are.

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

The Fox to the Little Prince


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