Prenatal Yoga Pros: Do Now, Reap Later!

Pre-birth or prenatal yoga is one of the best things that you can accomplish for yourself, and in addition for your developing infant. It’s essential that you locate the right yoga practice for you, whether it is setting off to a yoga studio, finding a DVD, or building up your own practice at home. Listen to your body and do what feels right to you. One advantage concerning yoga is: it makes you stronger everywhere. You’ll require that additional strength in your lower body to convey the additional pregnancy weight. Also, you’ll need it in your abdominal area to handle the weight you’ll be bearing for the year or so after birth, which is carrying your child.

Doctors strongly are in the favor that all pregnant women should do yoga and listed below are a couple of reasons why it’s so strongly encouraged.

Relieves back pain
Back pain is a typical pregnancy problem, frequently aggravating as the weight of the uterus and the infant in it is on the rise. Pre-birth yoga strengthens the muscles that support this weight, taking pressure off the lower back. Numerous ladies experience inflammation of the sciatic nerve during pregnancy, and yoga can likewise be awesome for this. The pigeon stance and half-moon posture can extend this range to counter agony and inversions can make space in the pelvis to diminish inflammation. To help make pregnancy easier you can also use the aid of certain items that are designed to help you ease your back pain such as maternity belts that help share the baby’s weight or you can also try some exercises to strengthen your core.

Stress levels dip
Yoga can help reduce all that anxiety and stress that you’re constantly under when pregnant. It helps you relax and gives you space you need for yourself and for your baby. Yoga makes you relatively calm so you tend to handle chaotic situations better which is vital when you have a life growing inside of you. Plus, studies have indicated that stress affects your baby’s health and the key to delivering a healthy child is to remain calm all the time.

It’s good for your hips
Pre-birth yoga can help you with flexibility, relaxation of muscles and bone structures in the front and back of the hips. Hormones discharged throughout pregnancy often unwind joints and ligament between bones in our pelvis to set it up for labor. Be that as it may, getting the muscles prepared helps in making delivery easier. Lower Body workouts and Mindful yoga practices specifically for this part of the body would be of tremendous benefit at the time of delivery as it would strengthen the center of gravity where all activities would eventually be taking place.

Reduces constant nausea

Ask any woman what the worst part of pregnancy is and they’ll tell you that it’s the constant morning sickness and throwing up. You always feel sick and certain smells make you puke instantly that aren’t actually that bad. Yoga helps with the morning sickness, it helps you feel fresher and active and there’s a significant reduction in nausea.

Helps practice breathing
Yoga as we all know is all about breathing, taking in the atmosphere, connecting to the environment and strengthening your breathing. This is very helpful during contractions and moments just before the delivery.

Balance and feet
Our feet get us around the whole day and we barely take proper care of them. The focal point of gravity in your body moves as your pregnancy advances, this changes our position and weight in our feet and joints. The two most basic issues arise during this phase are over pronation and edema. These issues can
prompt agony at the heel, arch, or the ball of the foot. Numerous ladies might likewise encounter leg cramping and swollen veins because of weight gain.

All in all, there are innumerable benefits that could be reaped once you do it while the baby is inside and the fruits of your efforts could be reaped later!

This post is written by Brittany Whistance  who is a health and lifestyle blogger currently associated with Wish Shape.

3 Traits Of Highly Mindful People – How they stand out

3 Traits Of Highly Mindful People- How They Stand Out From The Rest

Mindfulness is an art more like known by all but practiced by none. Living mindfully is a continuous, on-going process and cannot be attributed to one single incident of living in the moment. A surefire way to take the first step towards living mindfully certainly does start with internalizing the feeling by simply practicing sitting in a comfortable spot and letting your thoughts sink in, practicing deep breathing and reflecting on what your true purpose in life is. Being mindful is more than just an art, it is a form of living your life holistically which ultimately becomes a part of your lifestyle.

Acting out of impulse or in the flow of emotions is very easy and often leads to provocative repercussions but when a person has trained his mind to live and act mindfully he is able to control these responses and save his energy, directing it towards more productive forums. Taking an oath to start living a mindful life starts with drawing inspiration from your surroundings and other positive people in your circle.

  1. They ‘listen’ to the voice in their heads but do not ALWAYS take them seriously

Negative, bickering thoughts are but natural and often erupt in an individual’s mind but it is up to you how you react to them. The stimulus or emotional upsurge that you feel is powerless without your reaction. Mindful people know how to consciously train their mind to give attention to their thoughts as per their due importance and not drain themselves unnecessarily over things that do not really matter. They keep evaluating their strengths and weaknesses and do not get swept by the sea of emotions that keep emerging inside them. Keeping a watch on your thoughts implies that you do not ignore the voice in your head and pay specific heed to repetitive thoughts that may be disturbing you.  After all, you are your top priority.

  1. They keep their mind de-cluttered by spacing out things

Does a messed up room, study table or office desk take away from your productivity? Do you feel you are able to concentrate on the matter at hand when there is visual clutter in front of you? The answer is probably yes! Similarly, your mind may seem to be clouded by negative thoughts and to clear out your mind you need to unwind and establish a priority list.

Mindful people think that overburdening themselves will only spoil matters and hence take up matters one at a time. Although it contradicts the myth that multitasking leads to improved productivity but for the most part it makes our mind divided amongst several things at one time resulting in nothing being accomplished to its maximum capacity. Focusing with utmost dedication and awareness on one thing at a time can make your everyday tasks less challenging and more fun.

  1. They are custodians of their mind and body

What’s your body telling you when it makes noises? These noises may be literal or mental noises but as aforementioned they need due attention. When you take concrete steps to ensure that you are responsible for the maintenance of a healthy mind and body you are ready to take conscious steps to foster nourishing habits that keep you on your toes and toned.

Highly mindful people are very specific about what is toxic for them and that they need to abstain from it. They prioritize sleep and they know that their minds and bodies need rest to keep functioning properly and efficiently. They believe in the transient nature of things and do not prefer sacrificing their everyday rituals for an emotion that is temporary. Hence they learn to give their bodies’ proper rest and treat their bodies with love and respect because they know that if their body doesn’t support them, a nervous breakdown may result.

Develop compassion within yourself and throw out the negativities out of the window to be able to live a fulfilling and content life. Do not harbor ill-feelings or grudges for yourself as well as for those around you and learn to appreciate the little things in life.

5 Tips For Mindful Eating


Mindfulness is a state of mind that helps you focus on the present without being judgmental. You do not necessarily have to cut down on your food intake to lose those pounds as you can adjust your mindset by training your mind to be consciously aware of every bite that you take. Often we are not aware of what we munch and nibble on throughout the day casually in office, or while dropping your child to school. Your body continuously gives you cues as to when you are hungry and you need to decode your body’s feedback accurately so that you do not misinterpret them and indulge in impulsive eating. Just like a good night’s sleep is important for your child similarly eating mindfully can help you take care of your health. Continue reading “5 Tips For Mindful Eating”