4 Best Exercise Routines You Must Follow To Reduce Back Pain

Back pain is among the top pains in the world today. A study done in the United Kingdom has, for example, showed that back pains are among the leading forces behind job absenteeism. In a similar pace, it has been predicted that most Americans will suffer back pains at one point in their lives.

What this should tell you is that you are never too far from catching a roaming back pain.  This is why you should always be armed with a remedy in readiness for when this menace may strike. Among the various remedies, experts like Dries Hettinga of the Backcare organization advocate for exercise.

Back exercise. Copyright: Feldenkrais with Alfons

But why exercise?

Over the years, studies were done people have shown that those people who live a sedentary lifestyle were more likely to complain about back pains as compared to their counterparts who were always on their feet. This was linked to the fact that muscle tension can result from your holding one body posture for prolonged periods of time. Why do you think they invented the standing desks for example?

Exercise has been shown to make muscles stronger and more flexible while helping bring back the muscles to their original positions after a day of slouching over your computer or driving for too long. It is in this regard that Nick Sinfield a physiotherapist and Backcare expert advocates for the following exercises for you who is looking for back pain relief.

  1. Back extensions

Here, you lie on your stomach and elongate your spine to its maximum. When still in this position, use your elbows to arch your back backward without moving the neck. Notice that your hips should be firmly stuck to the ground. This should register some pressure on the stomach muscles. Then breathe and hold this position for around 10 seconds before returning to the starting position. Do this for around ten sets. According to Nick, this routine if done regularly will help stretch your spine thus relieving you of all the tension that may have formed around it during those long hours of slouching.

  1. Pelvic tilts

Most back pains are mostly felt in the lower back. This is why it is important to find a routine that will help stretch these muscles as well as strengthen them. Now, you no longer have to search anymore as pelvic tilts are an ideal.

During this exercise, you lie on your back with a small pillow slightly raising your head. Then, with your feet straight, you bend your knees. While flattening your back, try to move your pelvis towards your heels without moving your shoulders and neck. Continue moving the pelvis until you feel your lower back muscles contracting. Go back to the starting position and gently repeat the routine for around 10 times.

  1. Yoga

This is among the most popular trends in the fitness industry. When it comes to back pains, a recent study has shown that people who practice yoga experienced minor back pains and were more mobile. These effects were tied to the fact that yoga entails a series of stretching workouts that are good for the back. Also, it helps release the stress that Dr. John Starno a professor of the rehabilitation medicine in New York University feels can lead to back pains.

To relieve back pains, you can try the child’s pose. This is where you sit on your heels and spread your knees to hip distance. Then lower your torso between your thighs and stretch your arms forward. Now hold this pose for around one minute and repeat. This will not only help stretch your back and also relax.

  1. Strength training

In the words of Lynn Millar a professor of physical therapy at Winston-Salem state University, back pains usually happen when the muscles are not prepared for a certain activity. This is why for example you will get back pains after lifting a heavy object or engaging in strenuous activity. Therefore to avert this problem you can work on strengthening your muscles so that they will be ready for any activity that may come by. You can do this through strength training that comes in a variety of forms. An example is body squats.

Here, you stand with your convenient hip distance apart the move your buttocks backward as if you are trying to sit. While still in this half-wit position, now lift your arms and hold for one minute then repeat.


In the world today, there are billions of people who are struggling with back pain. You could be one of them. However, you do not have to suffer the trouble of living on pain killers. You can reduce the pain through exercise. With the best exercise routines, some of which are discussed above, you will be able to reduce those back pains significantly.

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