How to manage your time when feeling overwhelmed?

Have you had the feeling that you need more hours a day? Or maybe you know that you have so many things to do that you do not even know where to start  feeling overwhelmed even before starting? This is something common for all of us these days when life is running so fast and I don’t have time becomes a regular phrase to use.

One thing at a time

I used to feel like this a lot when I worked as a theatre producer and did the international art scenes festival. There were so many things to do! So many people I had to talk to and coordinate everything: every play, every rehearsal, what people would eat every day, where they would sleep, who would drive them to every place, flight tickets, and so on. It was easy to spend a lot of time doing one thing, then another one without even finishing the first one. Because I had to do a lot of things at the same time, it was pretty easy to get stressed.

Yet, this was the reason that made me learn a method to organize my time better, in the most productive way. I realized, you just need to do one thing at a time – prepare to sit for a while and focus on just one thing.

How to prioritize your time?

As you focus on one thing, next is to prioritize your time. In order to do so, first you have to set your activities in the order of importance and urgency. Then, to measure them from high to low. So, at the end you will have 4 categories:

1. Important and urgent things to do. These are the critical activities you have to put more attention to. So, it is important to plan them ahead in order to reduce last-minute work. Avoid procrastination and try to leave some space in the schedule for extra time in case you may need it.

2. Important but not urgent things to do. These are important goals to achieve. Keep yourself disciplined and never leave the work until it becomes urgent.

3. Not important but urgent things to do. These are the interruptions. It is important to learn to say “no” and preferably try to set a regular meeting to handle all small issues at once.

4. Not important and not urgent things to do. These are the distractions. Avoid them, ignore them and say “no” so that people around you understand your interests.

New ways to do the same thing

When I started to realize that I had to manage my time better, everything changed, and I became more productive. All the activities and the festival was a success! Just by taking some time to prioritize all the activities makes a huge difference in the process and the result. Moreover, it allowed me to enjoy my work more and the process to work with so many people.

What about you? Would you like to try it? Remember, if we want different results, we need to try new ways to do the same thing.

Learning how to manage our time at work and personal life makes a huge difference in the way we enjoy the process. If you want to know more about how to learn to manage your time better, join our self-development program.

Photo credits: William Iven, Unsplash

What would you do if you witness an act of violence?

A few days ago, a very good friend of mine talked to me through WhatsApp and sent me a voice note crying, feeling frustrated and bad about herself, because she was a witness of an act of violence against a young woman and she didn’t do anything to help the woman.
Risk or help?
The minute I heard her voice, I felt the same feeling of frustration. What happened was that a young woman was being mistreated by her husband and nobody did anything to help, not even my friend because she didn’t know how to react. So, she saw the fight and didn’t understand why she didn’t act. She was angry, frustrated with herself and sad about the young woman. My friend asked me: what would I do in a similar situation? Honestly, I didn’t know what to tell her, maybe I would try doing something, trying to find some help, but the fact is, this happens every day, and we have no control over it. Sometimes trying to help can make things worse, and we can put ourselves at a risk.
I started to think what I could possibly do to help that woman, to help my friend, to help anybody if I do not have control over the situation. First, I would need to see the situation from a distance, not getting involved or trying to make justice at that moment. I can start by sending loving kindness and compassion to the young woman and the person who was acting in an abusive way.  Sometimes we need to be neutral in situations like this not to add more reasons to fight.
We all are going through something
Loving kindness and compassion mean to be gentle to ourselves and to others, no matter what kind of experiences we are going through. Loving kindness and compassion refer to unconditional love and the motivation for others to be happy, to be able to accept the different circumstances that happened in life with calmness, not being overwhelmed by them.
Sending loving kindness to another person helps to deal in a better way with their current experience. We all are energy so we can send love energy to someone who is suffering and help them in their process. Like me, I was sending loving kindness to my friend, not to be so hard on herself, and to the young woman – sending her love energy to make her pain lighter, to make her feel that she wasn’t alone, to help her find peace in some way.
Practicing sending loving kindness and compassion will help us develop patience and understanding, first – accepting the situation, second – trying to act with calmness and not reacting by impulse and third – not suffering, because there is no point to suffer if we have no control over the situation.  I want to think in a free way, a loving way, realizing that we all are going through something and we need to start acting differently to build a peaceful society.
Thanks to this practice, we will become more empathetic with ourselves and others. Actually, it makes me realize that we have more power than we thought, that sharing loving kindness and compassion is always a great way to spread peace to others, and we have that power within us.
In the frequency of peace and joy
So, how we can spread loving kindness and compassion? First, we can think about something that gave us a feeling of happiness and love like a baby or a puppy. Can you feel love for them? Or maybe remember a place where you feel love and try to reproduce that feeling. It is important that the feeling becomes real because that is what we are going to send to another person. In this case, I  saw a young woman being at peace, being embraced with a big energy of love, I could feel that energy in me, and that calmed my mind, so I left behind all those feelings of frustration, because I could see through the act of violence, I could see a woman being protected and loved.
Practicing loving kindness and compassion will calm our mind and body, it will bring us peace and joy. And by practicing this we will help rather than fight against something because by sending love energy we are creating more love and peace, we are vibrating in this frequency, and we will integrate this in the way we act and treat ourselves and others.
If you want to practice loving kindness and compassion, you can start here.
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