How Universal Laws affect you

Our universe is a perfect system ruled by Universal Laws that we live by every day. Even if you don’t believe in them, it doesn’t mean that they will not affect you, so I would like to share a bit about them based on my own experiences and observations about life.

From Newton to the Law of Karma

The law of the cause and effect is one of the most well known and maybe the base of all of them. From Newton who talked about the law of the action-reaction (“Every action receives an opposite reaction and of equal magnitude”) to Buddhism and the Law of Karma that talks about how our actions determinate what we will receive in life. If our actions are good, we will receive positive consequences. If our actions are bad, the consequences would come accordingly.

This law is present in every aspect of our lives both at the emotional level and also in our relationships. Hence, every emotion like happiness, love, anger, and resentment is affected by this law, so you probably have heard these phrases before: “There is no better way to receive love than giving it” or “violence generates violence”. So, one action or thought, either good or bad, has the power to create positive or negative actions or realities.

No way to escape

Having said this, we know that we can use this law in our benefit or against us, so everything starts with our thoughts. Now, let me tell how we can use this law to create what we want and change from negative to positive mindset or reality.

First, be conscious that everything we do affects our lives, so there is no way to escape this law. Therefore, YOU have the power to choose.

Second, have in mind this law and act according to it. If you know that you receive what you give, choose to do good, choose to think good, choose to feel better and do not get attached to things, people or situations that aren’t good for you. Take a moment and think: what do I want for myself? What do I want for my life? Once you know what you want, you start acting according to that, and you have the power in your hands.

Little by little, day by day take one more step aligned with your objectives, and you will see that it’s nobody but you to make your day good or bad. You will see that when you choose to go for the positive way, things are getting better. A very simple example: you know that your partner doesn’t respond very well to criticism so from now on you will be more kind and assertive if you need to talk to him/her. Or if you know that violence generates more violence you will prioritize the dialogue and try to be more understanding with others.

It is in your hands

Everything starts with ourselves, so we are the first link in the chain. Everything starts from one thought, so if you want to change your reality, if you want to change the mindset of negativity, it’s only in your hands to do it. There is no way to get good results if we are complaining all the time, if we only see the problem and not look for the answer and keep blaming others for what is happening to us; it will be difficult to change our reality then. We need something to help us see through our problems, we need to have peace of mind to deal with the challenges that life gives us. So, one powerful tool is meditation, which will help us clear our mind, stop for a moment and not rush. Meditation helps us find calmness inside of us, hence finding new and better ways to face challenges, making us see that there is always a positive side. If you want to know more about meditation click here, we have a free program for you.

Having this in consideration, you will find that every day is like an opportunity to start again, an opportunity for everybody and mostly for you to achieve everything you want, to be the best version of yourself and surround yourself with amazing people like you. So, the way you evaluate your world, the way you see and choose is the way your world will be for you.

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