What if the world can be a better place?


What if I told you that the world could be at peace?

What if I told you that all these suffering in the world has an end.

What if I told you that people can learn to forgive each other and appreciate the goodness that exists within them?

What if.


You see the world is in so much pain, uncertainty and illusion

We are trapped in our own man-made prisons,

Ever trying to make sense of what goes on around us

And From a mind filled with vices of greed, anger and delusion we try


Fear knows no bounds and so we leave everything to God

And while we could do better, we let it go

Losing control to verges of war, corruption and ignorance

Aware that really, what we truly want is an illusion

What if it can be any better?

Today, we take a moment to imagine a new society of the world!

A space where we live together with each other, co-create and build.

A society of peace, happiness and love for all there is.


It may seem unreal, and utter nonsense with the nature of the world

And even though we may fear to face it and say its impossible,

The very word impossible is possible with I in it

For it says I’m Possible!

It start with me!



Dennis Odeny is a writer and youth mentor on self awareness and identity creation.

Meditation Trainer with Peace Revolution


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