Leadership & Meditation

To Lead One Must Follow

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. John Quincy Adams

It was just before the first Peace Revolution Architect training last year, that I understood the meaning of “lead by the power of the example.” They say good leaders tell people what needs to be done; great leaders inspire people to do what needs to be done. People who meditate make for better leaders from at least four obvious reasons.

Leadership & Meditation

Photo Credit: Peace Revolution

  1. Listen, not just hear

Listening actively, in a conscious and mindful way, not only to people, but to the world, comes with great wisdom. People who meditate connect in a natural way, not only to the words that are expressed, but to the need and the emotions that the words are encapsulating. Listening with an open mind does not only consolidate relationships, it can also trigger originality and creative thinking, by building on the ideas that your interlocutors are presenting. A great leader also has the ability to filter and refine the idea that they are exposed to.

  1. Practise authenticity

“Authenticity” is the it-word nowadays, present on everybody’s lips as if it were the latest fashion. And to some extent it is. We all value authenticity greatly and feel very comfortable around natural people. Authenticity has many facets, but meditation helps extremely in the dimension of self-acceptance and self-love. People who have gotten this one down are far less preoccupied about the self and more prone to be selfless and genuinely care about other people.

  1. Curiosity and eagerness to learn

A curious soul spots an opportunity for growth and learning in any situation. As a leader, asking more questions than making affirmations is a valuable trait of character. Not only do you expand your understanding and not work on assumptions, but you also give the place to the people you collaborate with to shine and talk about the things they are passionate about. Meditation brings to light this desire of clarity and transparency that exists latent in everyone.

  1. Appreciate others

Gratitude is the basis for all abundance. As human being, we enjoy being appreciated for our efforts and achievement. A thoughtful leader who knows how to appreciate the accomplishments of his team can only thrive. People who realise their work is meaningful are more motivated to contribute and enhance their performance. For leaders who meditate, it comes easy to praise the outcome of team work. And another benefit of meditation is that they can make the distinction between setting realistic objectives and having high expectations that haven’t got a sturdy base.

What do you think makes a great leader and how has meditation helped you become a better leader?

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