Thoughts on humanity: we can do this together, if we are united

Since for as long as I can remember, I have been consumed with thoughts about humanity. What is it? Why is it often so terrifying yet wonderful at the same time, so incredibly sad yet absolutely joyful, so much suffering yet so much of it is thriving, and I think we could go on forever…saying one thing and then another about life, about humanity.

Why do I ponder thoughts of humanity and unity, and peace? What ties these powerful entities to my soul? Maybe it extends from our ever-expanding knowledge of the universe and our place in it? Or, maybe it came from the lines of poem I once wrote about our reason to look up at the stars, to love one another and to love our planet? I don’t know, but maybe you could help. When you read these lines what do you think, what do you feel?

What would the universe be like if it were made of only one color?

And it only shone of one pale and dim light?

No enigmatic wonders or star nurseries in sight?

What would be the point of flight?


What would planets be like if they were all alike?

And only had one kind of life?

No diversity or beauty in sight?

What sort of strange and unthinkable plight?


What would life be like if we didn’t care for each other?

And hated and harmed one another?

No compassion nor love in sight?

It just can’t possibly seem, right?

I have been on a journey ever since writing these words to discover and unravel where the power of peace can take us, on and outside of this great planet. In that same poem I also said that “when you see a shimmer outside of earth, let that light be your guided hope, and dream alongside that gleaming wonder” but what are dreams if humanity is broken, and if there is a divide with no bridge of peace?

It’s not that there is no peace but there is not enough of it, and enough means everywhere. Think about it, there may be a great distance between our planet and other celestial bodies, but there is not much distance between us here at home, and while every single thing above us is truly extraordinary, we are truly extraordinary when we bring every part of us together. If we are united, I can dwell on these thoughts, but only…

If We Are United

When I think of humanity, I see people of great capacity, and when united, I see such divine abilities, which lead me to think of infinite possibilities. Yet, in the world that I inhabit, where both unrest and peace collide, I reach out for peace and hope that unity will undo the hate that is but our own disordered thinking. Furthermore, those who we detest, even if we choose not to accept, derive from a sense of equal function and proportion. And so, with this naked truth, we are indisputably one beautiful species, driven by differences not meant to be divided in any sense but rather meant to bind us together. Hence, our only endeavor should be to mend our yesterdays, for the reformation of today is but preparation for the peace we should build for tomorrow. If we strive to do this, every dream and every discovery will solidify our purpose among our cosmic reality.

I have heard of many unsettling stories and have seen strife that should not be, and from this I formed a passion for peace through the belief that humanity will rise above the continued failure of stripping the rights of any individual and forbidding anyone to dream as big, if not bigger, than the expansion of space itself.

I want to address the importance of peace not only in words but in soul, for I believe that we, not by the name of our separate countries but together by means of our origins and individualism, should unify with a sense of truth that derives from the equal right to live, which bears no unnecessary affliction, wrongful violence or evil hatred of any kind. I believe that we must unify with a living where all hands unite and help relieve the hardships of those that seem less fortunate than others, and with a living where cultural differences are but ways for us to teach each other and learn from each other the reason of our true nature. We must unify with a living that is, truly living, with a sense of peace that renders a clearer human understanding towards the right to be free of any tyranny and any act that is not bound by the virtues of unity.

I think that whatever our circumstances may be, in any part of this world, it should never withhold any of us from civil and just treatment nor withhold any of us from the opportunity to become what we dream. Thus, I think that through the recognition of our humanity, through the impacts of unity and peace, we can use our time helping those who are stripped of their lives and dreams and help mend their afflictions. If we strive to do this, I believe that we can strengthen our faith in humanity altogether. Our ambition to proceed with this endeavor, even in despite some unnerving times, can shine a greater light on our futures together.

With all my life, and by all the passions endowed in me, I speak with a language that is pronounced by a sincere human spirit; a spirit who endeavors to concentrate on the necessity for peace among us all, for if we are not here together, then we are not here at all.

We can do this together, if we are united.


Photo by Wylly Suhendra on Unsplash

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