The Energy In Your Household

As I continue to learn from and absorb the signs from the universe, there are some lessons that I’ve taken to heart along the way. For example, coming from a big family and being an observer by nature, I’ve developed an ironic knack in observing the energy we all grow up with; ironic due in part to the fact that I don’t have any kids myself, yet I’ve noticed these different energies that could arise in every household.

Negative Focused Energy

This comes in as many varieties as you can imagine. What is severe to some is worse for others. With all the various ways we can inflict harm upon ourselves and each other, it’s especially jarring when you’re young. The hope is many don’t have to suffer severe examples, as they can no doubt let that negativity affect them for the rest of their lives.

However, you don’t always need to be a victim of the severe in life to sustain other negatives. Some grow up in households that while they personally never suffer from abuse, they are afflicted by the negative energy. That may exist for any number of reasons, but as a child when you’re growing up with constant conflict among your family, anxieties and problems, it can easily permeate everything. Especially that with only a few better focused tweaks here or there, things could be a lot better for everyone.

The trick is not to let the negative afflict your energy, at any age. You can start by focusing on the good outside of your environment. It’s better to learn this as a child, however if you didn’t, there’s always a path forward to an awakening and realization as you grow up.

Ambivalent Focused Energy

Like the above and below, this can manifest in a myriad of ways. Raising children in this type of atmosphere may be good as it’s not actively negative. Not sustaining the extremes is good for obvious reasons. However, clocking in and out of your relationship with your spouse, children, etc. like it’s another day at work isn’t the best way to engage with your family.

Now the carryover from growing up in an environment like this isn’t as bad as the above obviously. But so much can be left on the field as your family develops. Each stage of growing up, like each stage of raising your children is as unique and exciting as every other one. And when you only do enough to get by and don’t fully engage in any meaningful way, a lot can be lost.

The best part is, there’s never not a good time to course correct! There are nearly an infinite amount of ways to stay active, enjoy nature, help your kids (and maybe yourself) channel their creativity, and so much more.

Positive Focused

Find me something better, go-head, I’ll wait. First, it’s a wonderful thing to be able to enjoy the creature comforts of your surroundings. Food, water, shelter; the convenience of technology and benefits of hygiene, of eating healthy and staying active are all beautiful things. And you never want to forget that whether you’re the parent or the kid. And even if you weren’t as fortunate growing up, you can convey those lessons in a positive way.

Beyond that though is leading by example. One of the best gifts for a child to have is parents that love and care for them. Just the same is to have parents that feel the same way towards each other. To be able to positively engage with your partner in all ways creates a positive atmosphere throughout the home. Staying active and healthy, shared senses of humor and inside jokes, romance and affection; these may seem corny to your kids when they’re young, but they’ll no doubt realize the beauty in the shared examples their parents set when they’re older.

Self-care is also vital in an engaged household, and each parent should motivate the other not to forget that. Since each situation is unique and may contain struggles, the best path is to take any positive and share that with everyone.

In The End

No doubt there are volumes of data and examples I could be employing with something like this. Just the same, if this went much longer or deeper, I’d lose just about everyone; as again I’m just an uncle in my advanced 30’s. There is still hope that that can change one day, and I’m open to what the universe has in store.

However, these are simply the lessons  that I’ve learned from my own upbringing and those around me. No doubt you can point to the very same; so why not really consider the type of atmosphere you want to live your best life while your kids start theirs? And it’s these lessons that will teach you and them so much. “Never stop learning because life never stops teaching,” seems like an appropriate quote to shoehorn right about now, because it starts at the beginning. (Evidently I have a knack for pointing out the obvious too!)

The journey isn’t always easy, but in the day to day operations and energy within your own home, what better message to convey to future adults than the one of love, passion, creativity, and wellness at the mind, body and soul level.

Photo by Halacious on Unsplash

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