How 8 Minute Meditation Became 2 Hours Inner Peace Time

I remember the first time I heard about meditation. It was a joke among some people making fun of those who believed in meditation and the way to inner peace. I got curious. So I started searching and looking for the answer to find out whether those meditators were really shallow, crazy hippies as some call them or there was something real in there.

The First Feeling

By coincidence I came across the book “8 Minute Meditation” written by Victor Davich. 8 minutes? Just sitting there in a secluded place with closed eyes. Is this even possible? 

I closed my eyes and went on a trip through my mind, and it was amazing. For a year I was following the 8 minute meditation till someone on the other side of the world was packing bags to visit Egypt, the south of Aswan to do her first meditation retreat called MINA (peace in a local language). It was a complete sweet coincidence to come across the ad about the event “MINA meditation retreat”.

Inspiring Yana

And there I met her – Yana Yaneva, a very strong lady from Bulgaria, who inspires me personally. Yana is a certified meditation trainer and has travelled around the world, quitting the routine life and recovering from life wounds, and sharing her inner light with everyone regardless of their race, colour, genre and religion. Together we went through two days of inner peace time (meditation sessions), yoga and other peaceful activities, such as helping locals in their daily life with cleaning. Different people from different backgrounds could smoothly melt in each other, forming beautiful human reflections while our mobile phones stayed switched off to keep away from the daily hassle that we go through in our lives.

Morning meditation session followed by inspiring reflections.


Helping with water

Helping the locals to get their daily water supply. Peace in Peace out.

One of the most remarkable experiences happened while visiting a nice island in the Nile River. The island has no water station, and the locals have to hike almost 3 kilometres ascending and descending to get their daily need of water. Some of us cried learning this, and others experienced a new form of humanity, new form of life.

Yana’s inspiring talks and listening to the reflections have helped me continue my inner peace journey, later travelling to Thailand for a meditation training, then becoming a meditation coach to help my family, friends and everyone to know more about meditation and inner peace.

I want to thank everyone from Peace Revolution Community (Mirette Bahgat & Aya AbdelRahim) for hosting the retreat and helping Yana Yaneva deliver the message of peace to the peace seekers.

Planting the Roots of Happiness and Peace


I have always considered myself to be lucky. I was born in a loving family, I’ve never had health issues, I’ve always enjoyed the company of great friends, I’ve been able to pursue the career I chose and I ‘ve had the opportunity to develop all the hobbies I dreamt of. However, many times I struggled to be happy like if having all these things wasn’t enough. Continue reading “Planting the Roots of Happiness and Peace”

Peace In, Peace Out in Bangladesh with South Asian Youth Society

They say “you cannot find peace in Google as peace is inside”. Once we have established peace within ourselves we can spread it to our surroundings. This is the premise behind the inner peace workshop arranged by South Asian Youth Society (SAYS) on 2nd of October 2014 at the EMK Center, Dhaka. The event Peace In, Peace Out was a unique initiative by any youth group in Bangladesh as it incorporated lectures and guided meditation as a means to cultivate inner peace.

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At some point of life many of us encounter existential questions. We rush like crazy trying to find the answers right now, right here, always somewhere outside: in books, in advices, in money, work or parties. We fight to get these answers and become angry, unhappy, lost. Sometimes we even give up and go with the flow. It feels like being one of those hamsters running in a lump. But the truth is, that the answers come whenever we stop seeking for them, when we calm down and look at ourselves from aside.

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Africa, in Building Peace We Come as One

Amani Fellowship Peace Revolution

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has,” reckons Margaret Mead. The Amani Revolution Tour is the living proof of Mead’s belief. Between the 28th of March and the 30th of April, young leaders from six African countries came together, united by their commitment to transforming the ideal of building sustainable world peace into a tangible reality.

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