Planting the Roots of Happiness and Peace


I have always considered myself to be lucky. I was born in a loving family, I’ve never had health issues, I’ve always enjoyed the company of great friends, I’ve been able to pursue the career I chose and I ‘ve had the opportunity to develop all the hobbies I dreamt of. However, many times I struggled to be happy like if having all these things wasn’t enough.

As a result, I pushed myself to pursue new goals, in the firm believe that achieving new live objectives would make me feel better. Getting a better position, earning more money, traveling more, buying more goods… could eventually make me feel better, but I soon realized that this happiness wasn’t sustainable because may availability to get things from the external world was limited.

So, how could I find true happiness to make sure that it would remain with me forever?



When I started meditating with Peace Revolution I comprehend that we have the ability within ourselves to make us be happier. However, most of the times we ignore this and keep on finding happiness in different external factors that we can’t control. Meditation gave me the opportunity to learn to still my mind and look inside myself more clearly, which also helped me find the right answers to my concerns. I learnt to experience each daily moment vividly, which helped me to live my life to the fullest.



Peace Revolution meant a turning point in my life. I didn’t only learn to meditate but also had the chance to attend different meditation retreats where I met many beautiful people from all around the world who shared my dreams. We wanted to live in a better world where everybody has the change to feel true happiness, as a basis of a mindful and peaceful existence. Why not? Peace In, Peace Out stands for each individual’s choice to be the change they want to see in the world, so I felt inspired to create an event where I could share the benefits of meditation with others. An event thought to spread happiness and peace. And that’s how everything began.



The project started during the summer of 2015, when I was introduced to Ana Blanco in order to organize PIPO SPAIN together in the beautiful and cosmopolitan city of Barcelona.


Ana is a caring, intelligent, hard worker, and interesting beautiful human being. The sister I never had, the friend I’ll never lose. Without her inspirational desire of sharing and spreading goodness, PIPO SPAIN wouldn’t have been possible. We worked together for half a year to make it possible and at the end of 2015 we finally met each other and felt we were long time friends that encounter themselves again as if time wouldn’t have passed.


And we did it. We accomplish our dreams. We gathered 700 people in less than 5 days, with whom we shared our most precious knowledge, meditation. Together with two teaching Monks, we walked the old city of Gracia, the touristic area of Las Ramblas and the genuine Gothic area of Barcelona. We visited hospitals and teach meditation techniques to doctors treating patients in palliative care, who were very interested in sharing this knowledge with people in need.


We also went to universities and talked in front of big crowds of enthusiast young people about how meditation can boost creativity.


We also enjoyed many tiny sessions with very close and intimate groups of very heterogeneous people who were willing to learn more about meditation to battle daily life problems such as stress.


We even travelled to Figueres, the town where the great painter Dalí was born and practiced meditation with locals.


But that’s not all. We also met amazing people along the way; the volunteers, whose priceless help made our event a smooth and calm journey for all of us; the organizers, who believed in our idealistic dreams and welcomed us so warmly; but most importantly, all the participants, those truly beautiful human beings who came to listen to us, who tried meditation, who touched us with their smiles and gratitude.



During PIPO SPAIN we understood that no matter what, we all want to be happy and live in peace. That’s a true common denominator for everybody, and we knew that nothing feels better than starting to develop that virtue within you. But the best part came when we decided to chase our craziest and wildest dream of inviting others to join us, and we prove ourselves right. Shall happiness and peace remain forever within you.



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