Peace Revolution Visits Guyana

This inevitable human growth comes with a certain turmoil: as children, we are ignorant to the outside world, we are unaware of what the working world is like, what paying bills are like and what the everyday decision making brings with it. As we advance from childhood to adulthood, we have a more precise view of it. Some may say that adulthood teaches us a lot while others think it brings a discomfort caused by our inner dissatisfaction of where we are and where we want to be. As such, we tend to be unhappy and dissatisfied until, most of the times, our materialistic goals are achieved.

Then along comes two beautiful souls who are trained in mindfulness and meditation, the technique that has allowed many to have a new-found sense of calm and well-being on finding inner peace. Ana Laura Lloveras and Stephanie Bianchi are a part of the Peace Revolution project, and visited Guyana between April 27 and May 1, 2018. These angels are sent to allow us realize a new perspective on inner peace and remaining calm in a world that is constantly giving us reasons to be dissatisfied. They are humans but have the aura to brighten up the room as they enter it; they are capable of making a profound and positive impact on the first meeting which is much needed in the world.

The PR tour allowed me, one of the organizers, to have a new perspective on the importance of inner growth. The techniques of yoga and meditation were taught, and never before had I realized the impact it can have on the mind. The 5-day tour allowed me to see the impact yoga can have on children who are victims of their surrounding. These children would have been a product of their negative surrounding but were able to relate to the exercises and discussions on meditation and yoga and how to make their mind at ease. 

As the tour came to an end, my appreciation for the art of meditation grew. It showed me the importance of not being caught up in the fight to achieving something that is beyond myself – the materialistic items. Meditation taught me that self-care is important especially that of the mind, and taking a few moments for my mental well-being can have a profound impact on my everyday life. Being an adult, I am filled with lots of decision making, problem solving and being caught up in the everyday happening of the world of work. But through the realization of inner peace – a result from meditation – I can be my true-self.

*The tour was organized in cooperation with The Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network (CYPAN).











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