Morning Rituals To Start Your Day

Have you ever felt anxious in the morning? Have you woken up in a rush, and started hurrying from the very first minute of the day? How about changing your morning habits to allow yourself enjoy the mornings and feel grounded for the day to come? Welcome to morning rituals!

Before we talk about morning rituals, I would like to ask you – how do you fall asleep? Answer these questions honestly.

  • What do you eat/drink before sleep?
  • What do you read/see/talk about before sleep?
  • Do you feel clean and comfortable when going to bed?
  • Do you feel calm and grounded before you sleep?
  • Do you get enough sleep?

My teacher says – “Your morning begins from the time when you go to bed”. To ensure good quality of your day, start preparing for it the night before. Plan your schedule, prepare your clothes, keep everything clean and do not eat too much before going to bed.

A lot has been written about morning rituals of successful people. Are they successful because of the rituals or do they do them because they are successful? You never know, but it does not hurt to try introducing a certain routine in your mornings and see how your life can change.

Here are some good habits to start your morning with:

  • drink 1-2 cups of water (you can add lemon, turmeric, ginger and other good things into it);
  • make your bed! – this will get you organized from the very beginning of the day;
  • physical exercise to wake up the body  (jogging, gym, yoga, qigong, etc);
  • meditation to clear the mind and prepare for the day;
  • reading – find time for reading every day, may it be morning;
  • your favourite art or self expression – if you love watercolouing, waking up early to spend some time doing your favourite activity will be easy;
  • plan your day – if you have not done it the night before, making a To Do list and prioritizing your activities in the early morning will help you achieve more during the day. Clarity will help you know what you need and want to do;
  • gratitude journal – write down three things in life that you are grateful for; this will wire your brain for positivity;
  • morning pages – write down three pages of your stream of consciousness, anything that comes to your mind – this will help you clean your head from unnecessary thoughts;
  • spend time in the nature – go for a walk, watch birds, hug a tree, stand out in your balcony – enjoying the vibes of nature automatically helps us connect with ourselves and the world around us. Some people even do earthing – walking barefoot on the earth.

Choose one morning habit from the list and introduce it into your life for a week or a month. Let us know how it goes. If you are confident with one morning ritual, as simple as remembering to drink a glass of water, you can add more. Let your personal space in the morning unfold and you will see how you can embrace your inner power.

Things that I do not suggest to do first thing in the morning:

  • do not look at your phone;
  • do not eat too much sugar in the morning (especially the “healthy” crunches or yogurts with sweeteners);
  • do not engage in negative thoughts – you are what you think, try to invite positive thoughts into your head from the morning, and it will eventually become a habit.

How do you start your morning? Is there anything to add to our suggestions?

Please let us know, we are looking forward to your comments!



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