Meditation, not as a task but as a need.

One of my friends asked me to take a look at the peace revolution web page, as a new thing it made me curious. I registered and watched the first video and answered the questions carefully. I went to my friend, who introduced me this website, and I asked a lot of questions about what I should do. Did as I’ve been told to and I was somehow happy about it. I was on my twenty-seventh session when I got Mena Salam III fellowship mail. I applied for it.


Getting busy with my studies for my upcoming PhD candidates exam, I missed meditating in those days till I was informed that I went to the shortlist for fellowship. I set a time for the interview then again, returned to the busy life I had. In the early morning of my exam I meditated for 5 min to focus, I felt the results of it during my exam, but I did not continue meditating regularly after all. I passed the interview via Skype and became a member of the fellowship right after my PhD exam results came out. I passed both.. What is going on? They were signs of relax and free mind.

When I was at the airport, someone grabbed my attention and something crossed my mind telling me that she is in the fellowship with us, and there she was, NADA.

A new life began…

I’ve felt the positive energies from all of the program participants and organizers. In that five days, everything was perfect with my new lifestyle. We were from different countries, but love and peace in between made us as a unique unit full of happiness. When my first meditation took one hour I was wondering how wasn’t it so difficult for me. Mr. Loung Phi Jon was perfect in teaching but I’ve got lots of questions to be answered. Meditating in early morning boosted my inner energy with Yoga and tasty breakfast coming after it. After few sessions, Meditating was not a task anymore, it made me happy and free. We, together, were circles of energy. I’ve found  amazing friends and it was great for me knowing about different cultures.

Our language is love, our culture is peace and our region is earth. We stayed in touch and kept our circle of peace and positive energy.

In my opinion, these fellowships and these spaces full of peace and happiness in peace revolution that gathers different nationalities can reduce violence in the future generation.

I’m continuing meditating not as a task but as a need. a need for peace and LOVE.

by Setareh Mahoot

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