Meditation, the journey towards inner peace

We live in a wonderful world, surrounded by the beauty of nature and people who love and care about us. But till the time we understand, recognize and appreciate all the amazing moments which we live in, we skip many important and beautiful trices, without understanding the value of it.

 There was a time period in my life when I was all confused about myself, my likes and dislikes ordinary have been changed, even sunshine seemed to be darker than before. I could hardly recognize myself. I use to sleep when it was almost sunrise and wake up in the evening. I use to stand in front of a mirror and look at my attraction and try to find myself in it, I look into myself but find a different person. What was changed in me? When and how I was changed, what was missing from my life to be happy? I don’t know ??? Yes, for that time I didn’t know, but now, even after a couple of months from those days, I found the key, the answer to my questions.


Everything has started with my first meditation practice. In the beginning, it was just a hard task for me to keep my body relaxed while sitting within the same position for 30 minutes. As for me, who never did it, it seemed to be the hardest task. I didn’t understand, should I concentrate or  relax, I hardly pushed myself and tried to be relaxed, by the time I feel tremendous pain in my legs, and it was like this for a couple of weeks of my meditation practice. I was not able to understand what I am doing and why, but I had a strong instinct, that I am in the right direction, which gave me encouragement to continue my practice, and I used to start my day with meditation. As days converted to weeks, and weeks to moths I realized that I do not feel pain anymore. I wonder whether it has gone, or I stopped feeling it, and my concentration and relaxation have achieved the point from where it starts the “Sabai” feeling, a feeling to be in the center of your body.  It’s very hard to describe in words how it feels, as it is an individual feeling. For me it’s a feeling of flying, flying somewhere in the universe. Meditation is not only a process of being silent for the period of time, it’s a process which follows you everywhere: when you start doing it regularly. Meditation has given me the feeling of calmness and peace in my mind, and I am on my way to achieving the level of concentration I am willing for. It has changed my lifestyle in so positive way that I started to sleep early and wake up with the sunrise. Meditation has brought back my inner peace with harmony in my life, I have started organizing my every single day and appreciating every single moment of my life.

Meditation has changed the way of my thinking and has given me the feeling to take care of the Mother Nature, and show respect to people around me. I have started seeing beauty in everything and everywhere, I have found my smile through the way of meditation, which I have lost somewhere in my way of life. I give thanks to God, for what I have in my life.

Meditation has given me a clear vision to see the world differently.

by Lianna Beglaryan

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