Meditation Advice from #meditationweek Winners

From 23 to 28 of February Peace Revolution held a #meditationweek on Facebook and Instagram. Each day was dedicated to a new topic connected to meditation, and the participants were asked to share their photos and thoughts on the topic.

Today we are proud to announce the winners of the #meditationweek and to share their insights with our readers.

Letting go

Dinah (instagram mondkindmandala):

Letting go

“Letting go – what a powerful intention. For me it includes not only leaving physical sensations and emotions behind during meditation, which can lead to a complete dissolving in the here and now, where every cell is filled with the magic of the present moment – but also leaving behind the fear of the future and living from the past. Stop carrying coffins full of dead moments, abandon all history, then we are equal and free.

Mantra: I let go of everything that is no longer serving me.”



Mary Brenes:

“Not to forgive means to be prisoner of your resentment, so it will be harder to find inner peace, actually!”



Veronika Lis:

“This reality from my window sometimes seems so grey and boring. To change it I don’t need to wear pink glasses constantly. When you accept you start to see things differently automatically.
Have a colorful day!”


Rhena LaRae Baxter (Instagram yogirae13):


A year ago, when I posted this, I wrote a quote that stated, “Patience is not your ability to wait but rather your attitude while waiting.” I’m always talking about things coming in full circle so I am intrigued by my view of patience today versus even one year ago.

They say love is patient and I am made of love. When I act on my impatience, I am often frustrated or mad and become unloving in the most irrational ways.

Everything happens in an orderly fashion, and freedom is found in the letting go. If I begin to feel impatient, I honor the auspicious space of the unknown and release the reigns of control.
It’s okay to slow down. It’s okay to stop just for one deep deep breath. Nothing good comes from impatience and nothing bad comes from patience. But I must remember to always surrender.”



Giri Santosh:

“Let’s take a moment to observe things around us. You, person next to you, table in front of you, building and land you are on, atmosphere above you, birds on the sky, little animal on the pasture and every other things that you can see and feel. Do you find any inter-connectedness, any relations? How the existence of all these functioning? Is there any give and take?”



Seng Porchhay (Instagram santinhano_pictures):

“Life is full of challenges, but if the peace and calmness of the mind can be maintained, you will be able to be happy in all situations, just like the Rocky Mountain that remains unshakable by the storm. So always be at your center :)”

Loving Kindness


Mariam Vera A (Instagram floroficial)

“Believe in love… Love is more than love each other, is find the Divinity and the Love inside of yourself, love is everywhere if you learn how to see it. So find Love and be Kind to everything that lives.”

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