Meditate to Increase Your Awareness

Meditate to Increase Your Awareness

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. Lao Tzu

Increased awareness is a hot topic nowadays, since awareness is the first step to take if we want to turn our lives around. Here are four ways to assist you in becoming more aware, one day at a time.

  1. Practise observation

Want to be more mentally aware, the first thing to do is become more observant. Connect with your senses and use them to non-judgmentally assess the state of your mind, the environment you find yourself into.

Focusing on your breathing can help you increase your awareness. Go back to feeling your breath every time you feel your mind wandered and you’ve distanced from the present moment. Thoughts come and go. When they take you on a journey, just go back to feeling the air entering your body, filling your lungs with oxygen and slowly releasing the air. Tell yourself “I am here, now.”

All empirical senses have this magical power of pulling us back to the present moment so as to see what it is that we need to be aware of in the now.

  1. Slow down, take a pause

We all rush through life. Run from one thing to the other, sometimes without even realising how it is that we got from one point to the other. This way of living life does not only decrease, but it also contributes a great deal to becoming more stressed. What can you do? Slow down. Walk slower, eat slower, talk slower. Take pauses between your daily activities. We also advise to just take one minute of stillness every hour. Just close your eyes, breathe and be.

  1. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is about being present to what is right now. Pay attention the present moment, reconnect to your own thoughts, feel your body, listen to the noises around you, realise that you are in that very moment. Practicing mindfulness throughout the day will increase your mental awareness and will help you easier remember things, too.

Meditate to Increase Your Awareness
Meditate to Increase Your Awareness

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You want to be more mindful? Start with just being aware of the present moment. When you realise your thoughts flew to something else, remind yourself “I am here, now.” Take a moment to acknowledge your thoughts. Sit silently for five minutes every day, close your eyes and observe your thoughts, as if you watching a short film at the cinema. And try to recognize your thoughts throughout the day “Hey, here is coming again this thought about my new car” or “Hello again, dear worry about my work promotion.” Being able to see what thoughts pop-up into your mind automatically will train your mind to be more and more aware.

  1. Do things that increase mindfulness

Meditation is one of the proven activities that increase mental awareness and mindfulness. Meditation is bohe the process of stilling and silencing your mind and the outcome, having an equanimous mind, peaceful. You can start practicing at home on your own. This article should get you started. You can also take meditation classes.

Yoga can also be of great help in increasing awareness and becoming more mindful. Through a series of yoga postures, you connect with your breathing, stretching and relaxing your body. Yoga sessions have immense benefits for your physical health and helps you develop mental clarity and awareness.

How do you go about being more aware? Let us know your thoughts.

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