Meditate to Improve Your Patience: a Medicine against Violent Behaviours

I have always been a person who tends to say and do the first thing that comes to my mind. Even though, I try to avoid situations like that, once in a while there is a special circumstance that turns me into a very vehement person.

Some time ago, I thought it was a matter of temperament and I used to think that even though I didn’t like my reactions, I couldn’t help being that way. I basically resigned myself to think that I would always have some moments where I would be just out of control… How sad does it sound and how wrong I was!

After almost two years of meditation practice, one of the things I have learnt is to develop my patience. Thanks to meditation now I know how to keep myself calm in any kind of situations and think twice before I react.

Whenever I feel irritated, frustrated and nervous I just take a second to close my eyes, breathe and bring my mind to the centre. That helps me to relax and see myself from a distant point of view and to put the situation in perspective. Then, controlling my reaction is way easier.

I must admit at the beginning it is challenging but also very rewarding. The feeling of happiness for having chosen the right way of responding to any unpleasant situation is very empowering!

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